Wushu: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1990s – The Island of Dr. Oak

RPPR-TLOEG-Poster-mk3Thanks to Crazon for this awesome cover art!

Whenever the world is threatened by unnatural dangers, there is only one organization to call on. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has existed for centuries, recruiting the finest and most unusual adventurers, thinkers, rebels, and iconoclasts the universe has ever seen. When Dr. Oak summons a coterie of evil dictators and would-be conquerors to bid on his genetically engineered army of monsters and child trainers, it is up to the League to stop him. Three heroes are sent in to stop the sale of the ‘Pocket Monster’ army: Earthworm Jim, The Guyver, and MANTIS. Can they penetrate the island’s security and stop Dr. Oak before it is too late?

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  1. Aw, man! I remember M.A.N.T.I.S.! I can’t believe anyone else does. Go Aaron.

  2. Aaron, you forgot to make his computer explode during the duel!

    Heh, you rocked majorly right there though 😀

  3. Ross always seems to run out of steam early when dealing with one-shots.

  4. I think it’s not that he ran out of steam due to any lack of ideas and more due to our shenanigans. There was indeed more eye-rolling involved as the game continued. I think we all realized that quite a bit of the ’90s should stay in the past. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the one who pushed for this game after all.

  5. Author

    It’s a lot easier to prep for the opening of a game than the ending because you can’t make assumptions about the actions of the players during the beginning and middle of the game.

  6. This was great!

    Please, sir, may I have some more?

  7. Groovy!

    Ah gahd, this session, the opening alone made my entire day. Jason, thanks for being the hero I had no idea I needed. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks, Scribbleykins! I actually found myself playing a little Earthworm Jim on my iPad last night.

  9. This was a fun session; it is always enjoyable to embrace nostalgia.

    I don’t think it is fair to say that Ross ran out of steam for this one. One-shots can be very difficult to wrap-up/end, especially if you are a GM that likes to give players plenty of agency (and especially in a scenario like this wherein the players are going to be more playful just because of their characters and the setting). My personal strategy is that as long as everyone is having a good time, the session was successful, regardless of how it ends or how far off the “plot” the characters go.

    I do struggle sometimes when we finish a one-shot in which there were lots of things I wanted the players to experience but they weren’t able to because of their own actions and time considerations. For example, we playtested a game system using Caleb’s scenario, The Red Tower. The players had a blast, but I simply ran out of time and had to end it maybe a half-hour before I got to some encounters/challenges that I was REALLY hoping to do, and I don’t think I was as respectful to the Chuam Vi as I wanted to be. So I was disappointed that they missed out on some cool stuff, but it was a VERY successful playtest of the system’s rules, and the players had a great time, so I have to keep telling myself that it went well.

  10. I realized what the end boss was and then I immediately tried to hate Ross to death.

  11. I should be the target audience but man this just doesn’t work for me, I dunno. like, League works better for me when I don’t get it, I guess.

  12. Fun game guys, good to take a walk down memory lane of 90’s. Loved the final boss monster too 🙂

  13. the league stuff is always a blast. keep thinking of running something in the same crossover spirit but too concerned with shrugging and going “yea, I don’t know who that is” when someone makes a character from my sporadic knowledge and viewing

    on the other hand, no idea who Mantis was and barely knew Guyver existed (not what he did) and still enjoyed this

  14. Is that not part of the adventure? To see who players bring to the table? XD

  15. jesus christ Ross you didn’t know a bulbasaur from a blastoise. You are a monster, but not a pocket monster

  16. Pretty enjoyable episode overall. I kept trying to figure out the enemies from Ross’ descriptions before the guys did. I think I got 60% of ’em, so that is pretty good.

    Hahaha- Bioshock(not the 90’s!), because Bioshock. /dealwithit

    Jason was so in character. Now I gotta get Earthworm Jim on some new device.

  17. SUUUUUUURRRRGGE! Did you guys aid in bringing Surge back? I’m seeing lots of interwebs news reports about it today.

  18. Aaron and the hacking duel is his greatest moment to date!

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