Call of Cthulhu: The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 3

lhoskThe Dreamers awaken after a long sleep to find themselves at sea. No oceanic journey is peaceful in the Dreamlands and after encountering a strange abandoned ship, the Dreamers realize their quest will only grow more perilous. After all, the ocean is known for its pirates…

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  1. hoooly shit, it’s that story we heard about on the talk podcast. that could only have been more of a clusterfuck if Aaron had gotten Nodens’ blessing and spent the rest of the campaign instantly screaming VILLAIN every time he encountered a sneakretive Nyarlathotep worshiper

  2. It’s the little things that make it wonderful. The player-quote watermarks, Mafune’s slight grin, the serial number that reads “Carcosa always.” Excellent as always, Crazon. ^_^

  3. I’m usually not a fan of canned adventures/campaigns and up until the episode, I was only really listening for the characters. Something about this adventure just jumped out at me, even before the whole pirate volcano lair/temple boondoggle. I’m still not 100% sure about the campaign, but I’ll definitely keep listening.

  4. Yep, Aaron’s stealth punch is what makes role-playing so damn awesome.

  5. Re-listening to the “Age of Masks” game on the main site… Yup, Aaron’s shenanigans transcend gaming. XD
    Love it.

  6. I’d say this episode has at least one quote worthy of the all-time RPPR Hall of Fame:

    “I have a plan. A terrible plan.”
    “Is it a cunning plan?”
    “Probably not.”

  7. Running up and punching the priest on his shoulder for one single point of damage is one of the most Aaron moments I’ve ever heard. I love it so much. Never change, noble paladin.

  8. Monk slapping, donkey king barrel shinanagins and Olympic lance throwing…it’s Tuesday at RPPR.

  9. Another excellent episode! A highlight was Aaron failing a ridiculous jump and somehow only taking 1 damage. The Donkey Kong barrel scene was also hilarious! Keep up the fine work, these are a ton of fun to listen to!

  10. I think Aaron’s actions(and consequences) made me laugh out loud more than any other game I’ve listened to. And I’ve listened to Gaga 2.0.

    Oh, the monk slap. There’s a new classic moment in RPPR history right there. And the subequent “flight”… Even without that stuff, it was a top notch episode.

  11. Oh shit, the Donkey Kong barrel scene and all the sound effects… awesome.

  12. This session is definitely my favorite of the Sense campaign thus far.

    I have run a lot of games, but as GM, I’ve never had cause to say, “Hold on, let me get out the knife.”

    (That was in regards to Aaron using a saber to move along the ropes between the two ships.)

    And that was before the wonders of the pirate city. Aaron’s headlong flight further and further into danger as the other two tried in vain to complete the plan was amazing.

    Erzenstein’s delusion seems to be twisting the Dreamlands around him at this point in the campaign. I’m starting to wonder if the other characters are part of his subconscious, at least.

  13. Also, listening to this episode after Shanghai’d is amazing for a whole different reason.

    This particular Darlington is a passenger with no obligation at all to work on the voyage – and Aaron absolutely insists on working on the rigging and navigation despite having no skills in those areas. It’s quite the contrast to Conrad Mueller, the geologist who knows no fear.

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