Monsters and Other Childish Things – Candlewick Manor as run by Ben Baugh

Candlewick Manor At Dragoncon 2009, Ben Baugh, the author of Monsters and Other Childish Things ran a session of his campaign, Candlewick Manor, an orphanage of kids with creepy supernatural gifts. Think the X-men as written and drawn by Edward Gorey. There’s monsters of course, but they are a bit more reclusive and friendship must be earned. I was lucky enough to play, along with Shane Ivey and two other players. This session begins with a tutorial on the One Roll Engine, so if you were curious about how it works, check this AP out.

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  1. Not as much happened as I normally expect from a con game. The tutorial is probably useful for others, it didn’t teach me anything that the book didn’t.
    The weird powers that the kids have is an interesting new mechanic and I think it might be helpful in getting more of my players involved in the game since some of them don’t care for monsters as much.
    The best part of this, for me, was that hour or so right as the grounds keeper shows up (most enjoyable NPC ever) until everyone was down the hole. The kitchen stuff was funny then things sort of tended down. I think Ben said he was trying to build to something dramatic and he lost the thread when everybody started pushing toilets through the ceiling.

  2. I enjoyed the session. I’m thinking about running a Monsters game for my friends and the tutorial was very informative. I would love to hear more Monsters APs.

    Loved the chef.
    “Are you sure you didn’t hurt this guy?”
    “No, it was painless…I mean I had nothing to do with it!”

  3. I liked yours better Ross.

    I feel like after breakfast things REALLY fell apart.

    But I did like the One Roll tutorial in the beginning, helped me out a lot.

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