4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 19: Let’s make a deal (with a Vampire)

Hey baby let's make a deal The dungeon delve in the colony’s sewer continues! Watcher makes a deal with Bodica, leader of the vampires, an action that may prove to be problematic in the future. There’s also a nasty battle with a flesh golem and all kinds of craziness. Listen to get all the gory details!

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  1. Mike is perhaps the best negotiator I have ever heard.

  2. So I guess Tom will dance around and sing “I told you so” next session? Loved the episode. Wish it were longer.

  3. Lols for ever! FOEEVAR!
    I want to see the Robit kick some Vamp ass because robits are far better dan vamps but not as great as da werewolfs

  4. Hah.

    Another reason why I love Tom.
    And welll yeah, Holy Backfire Batman!

    I can’t wait for the meeting that decides the fate of the colony.

  5. I like how in D&D the players, who are supposedly battle hardened veterans of combat and fighting evil monsters, are making deals with said monsters.

  6. Kroack – Our adventurers in the New World Campaign are well-known for avoiding conflict if we can talk our way out of it. Examples include: the time Tom wanted to make friends with the clearly evil lizard people, episode 18 when I kindly convinced the minotaur that we were friends, the hill giants known as the McSmasher Family, Balgron the Fat, and the list goes on and on.

    And that’s why I love our team; we can either be viewed as negotiators, or cowards.

  7. I prefer the negotiation to combat anyway.

    The combat seems rather long and tedious to me, well because I’m jealous that I’m not making any dice rolls.

    I really enjoyed the negotiation with the vampire, I could almost picture Ross smiling as the water barons talked themselves into yet another potentially horrible situation… That was fun!

    I have to admit though, I really missed the element of logic and common sense that Bill brings to the table in this episode. I also missed Cody’s (in regards to your response to your response to Kroack’s post Cody, two words: HULK SMASH!)insanity. His banter with the other players tends to lighten the mood.

    I wish Jason, Dan and Tom would have stood up to Mike a little more. It just felt like Mike was sort of “taking control” of this session and honestly, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Oh well, I’m sure when Bill and Cody get back the group’s equilibrium will be restored and balance will return to the force…

    All in all, another enjoyable episode, can’t wait for the next one!

  8. Yeah. I’m sure Mike’s thinking was along the lines of “If we bargain out of this, it’ll take less time and we’ll get to the encounter I wanted: Necromancer.” Not realizing that the bargaining process outside of the game took just as much time as a combat session, and in-game time was more than 20 rounds of combat (2 mins).

    The thing that bothered me most is his interpretation of the Raven Queen’s ideology. Somehow generic hubris is more offensive to her than undead. Not sure how, but I’m sure Mike knows.

  9. You know after listening to the first part of this again I can see how people thought we should’ve stood up to Mike’s decision more, but I guess that’s where our personalities come into play. If it has not become apparent at this point, you will soon see that Mike is the type of person who loves to dominate the conversation, and he has a great voice (deep, commanding, and clear when he focuses on it) for expressing his opinions. Outside the game I’ve found myself drowned out by him often enough, as I’m sure others have felt. Daniel, Tom, and myself wanted to hear him out. We were considering his proposal as “team leader” to the vampires. As far as I understood Tom’s character and mine were the only ones whose principles and beliefs went against an alliance with the vampires. Now Tom’s character, being the paladin-like lawful good character did express his opinion, but he also struggled with the loyalty to his teammates and did not want to outright oppose them so he took the option of being out of sight, out of mind. Daniel’s character just wanted to learn about the rite from the vampires and did not honestly care if they lived or died as far as I could recall. My character decided that the vampires ultimately needed a chance to prove themselves unlike their brethren as Daniel suggested. Cassius understood the persecution of being a monster and did not want to be a hypocrite for cutting them down without a chance to repent their wicked ways. However, he was not naive enough to trust them without getting their oath…of course I failed that check. Not to mention, damn it sounded like an interesting plot hook that might eventually come back up with Cassius believing the vampires had broken their word, which I try to bring up in latter sessions when he encounters the vampiress again.

  10. Hey, their game, their rules. It’s fun listening to the party dynamic change so often.

    And man, what a twist. I had a feeling halfway through that things were going to go bad, but man. I hate being that guy, but I gotta know what happens! Post!!! 😀

  11. Okay, I know this is a few years old now, but I’m listening to this for the first time.. Why hate on Mike? Taking over the session? He’s usually nearly “invisible” in others, so the one time he has a leading role you’re unhappy?
    Just had to say something, that comment irked me, Mike is awesome! Everyone else is, too.
    Also, cum shitters.

  12. Author

    Mike was a good player at times, but he could also be very argumentative at other times. Arguing things out at the game table in great detail can be very detrimental to everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

  13. I won’t… Argue (ha. ha.) with that, as I’ve ‘seen’ the more negative side in the next few episodes, but I’ll stand by my statement =D

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