Call of Cthulhu: Room B12

My reaction to Aaron's actions
Goddamnit Aaron what are you doing

Another foray into Call of Cthulhu with Tom at the helm. A 1920s scenario set in New York City, Aaron and I play investigators looking into a strange series of events. Let’s just say unpleasant forces at at foot. I play a morally dubious legbreaker and former anarchist while Aaron plays a highly moral doctor as we delve into the secrets of room B12.

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  1. I like how at the end, Aaron gets paid a visit be the ghoul mafia.

    “Hey, that thing your going to do with that building. Bad idea. Someone could get hurt, got it!”

  2. Excellent game. I was completely surprised by Tom’s ability to put together a quick, creepy, street level game. The crazy guy making those drawings freaked me the fuck out.

    Ross has been talking about this game for awhile and now so much makes sense. There’s any number of little things but my two favorites where the doctor giving money to the “butcher” and then giving him his fucking business card and on the car ride when he asked if they’d tried talking to the police.

    Great game.

  3. I loved when Ross’ character mugged Aaron’s character and the butcher. I also enjoyed the general interplay between Ross and Aaron; Ross trying (intentionally or not) to make Aaron uncomfortable with anything that’s remotely unlawful. Ross and Aaron should play together more!

  4. I haven’t listened yet, but this episode sounds great! Can’t wait to listen to Ross savoring the sweet, sweet tears of Aaron’s boyscout/PC! More please!

  5. Aaron Needs to kick some good guy ass and must learn how to be evil and choatic, unless there some sort of internal thing, Ross and Tom must train him to be evil and fuck in hell

  6. Author

    that fucking business card


  7. “Feeding corpses to sewer monsters seems somewhat immoral for even someone of Fat Larry’s status.”

    Love it! Great episode guys, nice slow progression. It had a really good noir feel to it. Kudos for giving the suspected serial murder/canibal the business card. Although techinically speaking, him and the doctor could have come up with a nice deal about disposing bodies from the clinic. But that’s only if the doctor went nuts/evil.

    And no-one got eaten by calf sized albino vampire bats either.

  8. Just got finished listening to the full episode.

    Tom really has a knack for pulling off these creepy scenarios, although, sometimes I think that he lacks the confidence to really get into his characters.

    The final showdown with Grady (Brady?) is a perfect example of Tom’s storytelling at it’s best. I especially liked the creepy atmosphere he created when he voiced the ghoul saying: “Slide it down…”

    Tom’s scenarios are generally pretty well constructed. I especially enjoyed the notes of “Midnight Meat Train” running through this particular actual play (I am typing this post while finishing up the “wrap-up” part of this actual play and Tom just mentioned Midnight Meat Train).

    I really enjoy listening to Ross play his characters. You can tell that he really enjoys every aspect of gaming. It’s funny when Ross meta-GMs while playing though…

    Oh what to say about Aaron. I really want to like Aaron because he seems to really enjoy gaming as well, but I wish he would take some risks and play a DIFFERENT character; not the same boy-scout he plays in EVERY single game. Giving a suspected serial killer your business card!? Who fucking does that!? Ross’ reaction is priceless, so I guess it was great comic relief! I would love to hear Aaron play a completely, morally bankrupt, sociopath! That would make for a great game!

    One other note about Aaron and I’ve said this before, stop prefacing every sentence with “IT’S LIKE…”, please for my sanity, I beg you!

    Nevertheless, it was a great game guys and I very much enjoyed it. Looking forward to more late night pick-up games in the future!

  9. I just get the feeling that no one will be satisfied until I play a sado-masochist serial puppy rapist who just escaped Arkham. “Sigh”

    As for the It’s Like… vocal tick, I do apologize to anybody and everybody. It’s mainly due to the fact that my mind runs at million miles a second, and usually my vocal processors fail to catch up in time.

  10. Aaron it’s not that your a bad roleplayer. It’s kind of hard to explain but what it comes down to is that, with alot of your characters, I (and I think others) don’t believe you are actually playing a role: we believe you are ‘playing’ yourself. This is a trait normally linked with bad gamers.

    I’ve heard some of your opinions, mannerisms, and attitudes through your time in the show, not just in the APs, and like I said above I have alot of trouble telling when you enter and leave your character’s mind. It’s entertaining in this game and in most games because of how wildly reactive Ross and the other players are to the things you do. It is annoying because it can be confusing.

    I think the best one sentence summary I can give you is: “We don’t get you”. Your flow is very different from my own and probably from most other people. This is not bad. It is unusual.

  11. Hey Aaron,

    I’m not “flaming” you at all.

    In fact, like I said, I think you’re a pretty cool guy… I just think that if you could and would be willing to stretch yourself, to step outside of yourself for a gaming session, it would make great, great radio!!

    As for your vocal tick, hey, I’m bald! Haha, we’ve all got our issues… I don’t want you to think that I’m knocking you down in any way. In fact, I appreciate the actual plays you participate in.

    I think you should keep gaming, keep participating in these actual plays and if you ever find yourself in a situation in a game where you know you absolutely would NOT do that, try doing it anyway, see what happens and explore your in-game world!!

  12. Not to be a like a huge dick… oh wait…

    Anyhow, I liked the intro and Aaron’s brilliant research, like, that was pretty smart, man.

    I, personally, didn’t find Aaron to be as bad as Ross thought. I mean, c’mon.

    Scenario kind of dragged after the insane Asylum but other than that it was nice & tight. I’m not sure what could be done- maybe I’m just used to the games with more players and tons of shit goin’ down.

  13. I could almost FEEL the smell hit me when Dr. Limehouse opened the door to Omally’s room. Tom comes off as a very good Keeper :3

  14. I love how in a later AP someone mentions Aaron’s character- “Hey! Why don’t you give him your business card!”

    Lover in the Ice is the one where Aaron gets the “Guns” character(for a change), and Tom plays the Techie.

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