4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 26: I, Beholder

The Water Barons have finally defeated Cortez but the end of the war brings new challenges. As the shipyards come close to completion, Pontifex has new work for them, including a rival lich, Numeides. But before our stalwart adventurers can even find the lich, they need to defeat a powerful undead beholder. Find out what this new lich is up to and how the players decide to deal with the beholder in this episode of the New World campaign!

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  1. “You guys are assholes, maybe even dicks.”
    “No we’re not Ross, we’re trying to be heroes.”
    “You do a lot of dickish things, and it doesn’t get you anywhere.”
    “Fine, we’ll do something obviously good.”
    “Okay, Good Job.”
    “That’s it?”
    “You could have gotten more if you were a bunch of dicks.”

    That’s how I still feel about the sessions dealing with the fall of Cortez. From that point on, screw morality, I’ll define my own.

  2. Author

    Being a hero is its own reward. Besides the nation of Quezacotl is friendly towards the colony as a result of the actions of the Water Barons.

  3. Im sorry Ross.

  4. Comic Gold.

    This turned my frown… upside-down.

  5. Hey, you guys never asked any chicks to test to see how far they could shoot. But I digress.

    Great episode. I know I hurt something while listening to this.

  6. “At least we didn’t turn the elf over to an angry mob”
    “There was no angry mob to turn him over to.”

    It’s amazing how even in epic tier, our mistakes continue to repeat themselves.

  7. Amazing, Cody?

    That’s the word you’ve chosen?

    I can think of several others.


  8. I generally love RPPR but when players get too involved into being a badass where they’re talking shit and constantly talking about assraping enemies, it starts to get on my nerves, but hey, people are people, even on RPPR, eh?

    I’ll manage.

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