Don’t Rest Your Head

When insomniacs spend too long without sleep, they either die or find a way to the Mad City when the clock strikes thirteen. Several desperate insomniacs facing great problems find themselves in a world with boys made of paper, constables made of clocks and much worse. Don’t Rest Your Head is a game developed by Fred Hicks, so if you like this AP, check the game out.

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  1. Ho-Ly-Shi-T

    I adore this game and system. Very well done, RPPR.

  2. Great AP, as always guys.

    The only thing that threw me off is when the ninjas guy (whose name I don’t recall) kind of went instantly aggro on Ross for suggesting they all travel somewhere together. He had a somewhat valid complaint about protecting his free will, but kind of did so in a douchey manner. Not knocking the guy, just saying it really seemed like an overreaction.

  3. This was a fun one. Tom definitely stole the show here.

    Also, I like how the RPPR crew can be counted on to always help out the “Kid in Distress”. Pretty much always without fail.

  4. Hey Guys,

    From all of us down here in New Zealand, cheers dudes!

    This was great! Really is an awesome system, alot of fun to listen to. Please do more! Ninjas, teady, it was all great!

  5. This was an excellent game! It really got me liking the Don’t Rest Your Head Game. My only Nit Pick is that there was a mistake the GM made when Pain Dominates. You only get Exhaustion or Response hits as a penalty when Pain Dominates and you LOSE the roll. When you win the roll and pain Dominates you succeed at the action but its painful for you in some way, usually some kind of narrative penalty. For instance when the lawyer chased the monkey, that was a reasonable consequence for pain dominating, he lost the watch and overexerted himself in the process but he did succeed in getting away from the nightmares. Another example was on the Walking Eye when a PC successfully used the “Yes” madness talent to make some religious nutters go away but took a badly cut arm as one of them threw a glass bottle at him when they left. He got them to go away but it was painful for him.

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