4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 23: Battle for Bordertown

The final battle between Cortez’s horde and the ragtag underdog colonial army is finally here! No quarter will be given or asked. There will be no retreat. The players face either victory or death. The savage and monstrous generals of the horde will not spare a single life if they win. Of course our heroes are not so easily stopped. They fight with their ally Bright Eyes, played by guest player Brian!

Art by Geistig

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  1. Aww no cody! Great AP!

  2. Great episode. I’m usually not into the combat since its not near my players level but not this time! The stuff with the constant 5 damage from the battle raging all around and the possible strategies and their possible results will be put to good use very soon. 🙂

    Big Papa Pontifix is in the house!

  3. I, too, missed Cody in this AP…

    He must have been off somewhere, doing Crab-cult related things…

    Loved this AP. I laughed my ass off when Tom’s “rattle some cages” non-sequitur. You know, I find myself laughing more and more at Tom’s humor, but you gotta love all the RPPR fellas.

    I especially enjoy Bill’s “brutal” combos.

    I am looking forward to the dinner party and some excellent roleplay… Can’t wait to see hear Locke/Cody’s reactions to all of this Pontifex funny business!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  4. [I laughed my ass off when Tom’s “rattle some cages” non-sequitur.]

    Should read:

    [I laughed my ass off AT Tom’s “rattle some cages” non-sequitur.]

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