Fear Itself: Survival City

A group of unwary party goers finds themselves caught in a forgotten nuclear fallout bunker from the Cold War. Strange people have lived for decades in the bunker and even darker secrets lie wait to be uncovered. Inspired by the book Survival City, I ran this one shot last year using the Fear Itself system. Enjoy!

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  1. Lawl! Mike Watcher… Lawl! Yes!

  2. It’s alot of fun to hear Patrick outside of the shorts. As is so often the case, Cody is my favorite of the bunch. Hurray for self-preservation.

  3. Awwww . . . thanks Tad! I really appreciate it!

    I honestly wanted to try and make a realistic and believable character in the same vein as Father Cole. It didn’t go quite as planned.

  4. Cody, you lived, and you became Lt. Mayor…


  5. I loved this AP.

    This should go down as an RPPR “classic” AP…

    One of the few APs where Mike didn’t annoy the fuck out of me.

    A very, very enjoyable episode. Honestly, it’s APs like these that get me psyched to run my own Call Of Cthulhu scenario!

    I found the whole DVDA discussion enlightening and sexy!!

  6. Joe Harpper?
    sure his name isne t steven?

  7. I really thought mike was amazing as KK and it was great to hear Patrick.

  8. The Marinara trench? 🙂

  9. ‘Know Evil’ was creepy and disturbing, but this was creepy and disturbing in a very different, not-good way. The low humor in the table-chatter watered down the horror of what was a really promising scenario. To wit, I laughed at the dirty jokes, and felt creeped out at myself for laughing at it. You really need some warnings about (im)mature content in these things.

    Or, you know, I could just check if it’s one with Cody in it.

  10. Poor scenario. No actual investigation action for PCs, just GM monologue exposition. Also, what the fuck is wrong with GM? Chauvinistically ignoring the only female player, and killing her character while giving his male friend huge reward for same action. Best thing about this session was that it was awesome reminder how great our group is because we don’t discriminate (by gender or other things) players.

    Also, GM spoked about how he likes to give choices to PC, but every choice has some kind of bad consequence in it. That works hell of a lot better, if players can actually see those consequences, so they can make a choice. The GM should really listen the episode and think about the game.

    I started from beginning and now decided this was last RPPR episode I will listen, because of sound quality issues, and GM egotism.

  11. Worth keeping in mind that this scenario was posted 7 years ago and run longer ago than that. I would recommend listening to something more recent (say, the latest Red Markets one-shot and the Unknown Armies one-shot posted this month, for a sample of the two main people GMing on the podcast) before you write things off entirely.

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