Esoterrorists: The SCP Foundation

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Synopsis: The SCP Foundation watches over the most dangerous and unnatural objects and beings on Earth. When they acquire a new object, they send a team of analysts to study and evaluate it. SCP 5252 is an unusual object of unknown origin but a team of scientists and engineers, along with their offsite mission leader, will do their best to learn its secrets. But will they survive the mission? Find out in this special one shot!

Read the write up for the mission on the RPPR forums!

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  1. oh, cool. I’d assumed it was gonna be a containment breach cleanup game. having it be, like, the events that’ll be a redacted experiment writeup later is a cool structure. and I was also disappointed we didn’t get any D-class tomfoolery!

  2. Oh my word, what a crazy game that turned out to be. Really fun to listen to, especially as I GM’d a session with a ton of PvP myself. :v

  3. That was really cool! Makes me want to seriously ramp up the PvP myself, now…

  4. Caleb is at his best when he’s trying to kill the RPPR crew.

    Also, this kind of reminded me of a Paranoia game.

  5. i was wondering how you folk were gonna handle this…

    i see The Cabin in the Woods in your future…

    (that would be an interesting Campaign, eh? have it episodic, with each episode being aboot how SCP deals with a particular SCP? hmm…maybe you could branch out into LARPing…)

    so China allows role-playing? that’s good :3 i liked that image, btw…

  6. oh, and I’m glad Caleb uses his powers for good; he must get into VERY interesting arguments with his SO

  7. Huh, I tried to listen but when I tried to load the page it just said [RECORDING EXPUNGED]..

  8. I really enjoyed this game. Having Thad be the overseer was an awesome touch. The delay made everyone slow down and confuse things in a realistic manner.

    Its interesting to hear how players have changed over time. Tom hasn’t really, but once a monster, always a monster. Aaron a lot more aggressive with his characters and Caleb is becoming very much the puppet master.

  9. This was a really interesting scenario design. I love the idea of it starting with basically no NPCs at all, and with PCs basically locked in a room with a puzzle to solve.

  10. This SCP entry reminds me of the “Smedly House” scenario seed in “The Unspeakable Oath” at least one of the aspects of it and one of the possible endgame bits.

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