Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 23

Gerard Hume, survivor of the Fall and Firewall agentThe Firewall team survived Hotel California, but only by the skin of their cloned teeth. They need time to recover and pursue new leads into the Know Evil investigation. They travel to the Vo Nyugen station in Earth orbit and encounter something they never anticipated . . . relative peace and quiet. The station is peaceful and no one seems to be gunning for them, at least for now. So what do these battered and scarred agents do when no one’s trying to kill them? Some stay focused on the case, while others try to find some personal peace in their own lives. Some make questionable decisions regarding seed AIs. Find out how the team handles this calm before the storm!

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  1. But they will blow the station up right? It just wouldn’t be a visit from the Kraken Crew without something blowing up.

    Also, prediction, the Reclaimers want to engineer some kind of anti-synthetic event on Earth to reduce the TITAN leftovers presence.

  2. Mmmm what a great cowboy hat Gerard has!

  3. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!1q

    I need to sleep, why must you post these things at night Ross, why? Guess I’m stating up a few more hours, grumble, grumble.

  4. So I can make it through the work day.

  5. “The Firewall team survived Hotel California, but only by the skin of their cloned teeth…”

    Or DID they?

    *cue Prisoner theme song*

  6. I’m still waiting for that goddamn physics-violating matter annihilation ring that was used on the biocon’s body on-screen and on that poor kid’s stack in the forum short story to come back! it’s a WHOLE OTHER KIND OF AWFULNESS AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN REALLY MET IT YET AAAH

    also props on a less frantically-paced session, breaks up the breakneck nicely

  7. @crawlkill

    It probably wont come back. The rings (can’t remember what they’re called) are an alien artifact from gatecrashing and other than being very expensive are just another piece of gear. I’m sure if you try and understand the physics of them they’re terrifying but they are at least a somewhat known quantity in the setting.

  8. It still cracks me up that this is the 23rd episode, not to mention months after we’ve finished the campaign, and Ross still can’t spell my character’s first name correctly. It’s GERARD, you horrible monster! lol

  9. I’m halfway through the episode, and all the interactions the characters have with Augustine are making me cringe. I just know something terrible can happen any moment, it’s awesome. 😀

  10. Never before has asking for the time in a game been so pants-shittingly terrifying.

    Way to go, Caleb. Way to go.

  11. also: hail Eris!

    23 is the number

  12. Hail Discordia

  13. Also – oh MAN that was good! I love the creeping dread every time that Augustine asks them a question. This can not *possibly* end well (and I’m looking forward to it.)

  14. Man, I just have to say that I am *incredibly* impressed by this whole campaign. I’d been vaguely looking at Eclipse Phase for a while before I started listening to this, but I’d assumed that it was impossible to run a lengthy EP campaign while still keeping the right tone and making full use of all the transhuman weirdness available to even the most mundane PC. I mean, unless the GM, at least, was a transhuman himself. But you guys have proved me gloriously wrong!

    It makes me reconsider my position about *other* games I’ve long desired to run but have believed unplayable, like Mage: The Ascension…

  15. Holy crap, the RPPR crew playing Ascension??
    That… that would be too much.

  16. So this episode blew my mind like jazz hands wrapped in cordite.

    Besides the fact that someone or something is trying to rewrite/destroy an entire species and the team played rock-paper-scissors to human mule a WMD…they sitting at the feet of a baby god trying to convince it not to become Gozer.

    Somewhere Proxy Clean’s trigger finger is itching and he doesn’t know why.

  17. So the team has to essentially risk an erasure squad coming down on them or loose the only lead they really have. Wow.

  18. @omega ooh, I hadn’t realized they’re a part of EP core. I know next to nothing about gatecrashing. should go get Gatecrashers!

    and yes hail Eris RPPR playing Ascension would blow all of my mind

  19. How come no one has mentioned Aaron’s amazing rolls this episode? Especially that brainscan, after all that build up he just nails it.

  20. Good Cliffhanger episode. I wonder what direction the team will take?

  21. Awesome episode. I love the way Caleb brings back the original black budget hook! And we’re finally beginning to puzzle out Manjappa’s ultimate plan…

    And props to Aaron for making that brainscan roll. HUGE payoff.

  22. Haven’t finished yet, but I found the connection between the Factors and Embassytown amusing.

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