Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 22

At least it wasn't in the knee. Link goes to the artist who made this great comic. Caleb steps up as gamemaster in his second ‘annual’ Heroes of New Arcadia game. The heroes may have saved earth but the world of Sanctuary still needs their help. Fortunately they’ve found a way to potentially avert the disaster but they must travel to a remote and bizarre section of Sanctuary, one where magic rules, instead of science. The heroes must journey across an exotic yet strangely familiar realm of fantastic beings. Can they adapt to the laws that guide this realm and save Sanctuary or will they fail in their quest? Find out in this double length episode!

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  1. …But, there is one they fear. In their tongue, he is Camazkin: BATBORN!
    and cue the Batborn using his sonic blast while saying “Fus Rho Dah!”

  2. STEVE!

    Gosh, what a great episode. One of you guys’ funniest ones for sure, and the endgame was super cool.

  3. this…is my new favorite thing you guys have done! move over, Andrew’s Fortune! from the concept to the parody to the systems, what the fuck. apart from the idea being magnificent, I love Caleb’s insistence on always coming up with weird, elaborate mechanics that support his narratives. it’s glorious!

  4. @crawkill, Agreed. Very much agreed on this. Definitely near the top of the list for me if not on top.

  5. This is absolutely FANTASTIC. Caleb, your progression as a GM is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

  6. I am dissapointed no one talked to Ben. I bet he’d have said interesting things. Also sad you skipped the volcano.

  7. I’m disappointed no one did the Fus Roh Dah! line whenever Tom had the Batborn use his screech attack. I mean it silly, but for some reason I was expecting it from one of the players.

  8. Whenever I see Caleb is GMing, I get just a little bit more excited than for a usual RPPR.

    No offence Ross,

  9. Another excellent game. I really like the giant who pretty much told off the PCs. Also nice way to make the players think with strange and interesting methods to solve simple tasks.

  10. OK how did Festus not gain all those powers when they did the Giant thing?
    OR the high leadership, tactics, scrutiny etc.

  11. Oh god, I just realized as I listen to the episode again, Caleb has made the Discworld as a biodome! Terry Prachett would proud… if he exists in the New Arcadia universe.

  12. the strangest ‘race to the control room’ radio play that i’ve ever hoid :3

    again, what a delightful cast

  13. This is damn hilarious

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