Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 20

A work in progress sketch of Peter Silvertail for the Base Raiders RPGIn this episode of the Heroes of New Arcadia, the end draws near! As the truth behind Nemesis and Ragnarok is revealed, the Heroes of New Arcadia must deal with its ramifications. Aliens, gods, and beings of unimaginable cosmic power each seek to fulfill their own agendas, regardless of the consequences. The Collective and the governments of the world also seek to use this crisis to grab more power. It is clear the fate of the world, perhaps the entire universe, is at stake. Can a handful of mistmatched self-made heroes possibly stop the doom that grows ever more certain every minute? Find out what happens in the penultimate episodes of the global tier of the Heroes of New Arcadia!

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  1. What great cover art!

  2. there is no crazed comic book logic Caleb cannot subvert to his advantage. I don’t even know the proper way to be in awe.

  3. Yay, buildup. And Panglos now has a giant nano-godzilla, nothing can go wrong. Also it’d have been funnier if Aaron had been the one to talk to The Samaritan.

  4. Things developed sort of quick here, didn’t they? Did the network tell Ross they were going to cancel Heroes (Of New Arcadia) after this season, so he had to start wrapping it up?

    It was awesome, don’t get me wrong, but the end of this tier came more suddenly than I expected.

  5. I love this game.

    I’m also amused by Caleb’s shocked reaction hearing they went from local tier jumping to Global tier. Though, Norm is a little too good of a Politician it seems like…

  6. Ross the gym you love to hate ?

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