Eclipse Phase: Know Evil Annual

Fei Yen - Lunar courier with a shady past and agent of FirewallNews: If you’re a fan of Know Evil, check out our Fan Creation contest and win a poster signed by Caleb and the RPPR crew!

Synopsis: When I was out of the country on vacation in China, Know Evil continued on without me. In this special one shot, a group of individuals touched by the agents investigating the Know Evil Conspiracy have all been recruited by Firewall. Proxy Blind has a found a lead but doesn’t want to send the primary team to investigate it. Instead, the proxy takes a motley crew of damaged people and sends them into the fray to a distant habitat. What secrets will they encounter and more importantly can disparate new agents like an eccentric German research scientist and a Martian bounty hunter down on his luck even work together as a team? Find out in this special annual one shot of Know Evil!

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  1. It’s like… I love you Aaron.

    Also, this episode was great. Love the Ademanaki(?) stuff and the vsahdgashdkjasdjlf Fractal horror towards the end.

    And finally, Jason. Never stop knocking on the door of insanity, man. I rarely get to play horror/insanity scenarios, so I love your constant dance with it. TITAN thumbs up for you.

  2. you’d think after twentysomething episodes of Eclipse Phase I’d’ve swallowed my pain or broken before now but it’s entOPTics not enTROPics XD ’cause they’re…y’know. in. your eye.

  3. As of the first time you posted that information, Craw, nearly the whole campaign was finished. You’re criticism was delayed by the monstrous posting schedule of Ross.

    In short, deal with it, cuz we are gonna screw it up pretty much the ENTIRE TIME.

  4. have I posted that before? part of the reason I (thought I!) hadn’t was cause with the delay there’d be nooo point.

  5. And the damage is done. Forever shall I think of enTROPics when I use the word.

    Also, I’m guessing that Manjappa helped himself to an Augistine or two on Thought and has been much more pro-active in the use.

    Also, poor Magda, right off the deep end. At least she won’t remember it.

  6. @Journ-O-LST-3

    As terrifying a thought as that is, I’m pretty sure only the Release the Kraken team has an Augustine, because they removed its physical storage location.

  7. @crawlkill, caleb: Not having read the EP books, I was wondering why exactly these future-HUDs were called ‘Entropics’. Oh, in the future they must have found a way to reverse entropy, by turning them into magic windows you can look at cat pictures on. Makes sense, it’s eclipse phase and all.

  8. I was hoping for Punisher Fei Yun and Bohemi the bounty hunter, but great episode none the less. Caleb you are a genius; I am so amazed at the concepts you come up with. Do you read philosophical and scientific scholarly journals for fun? Fun episode guys! Keep up the good work!

  9. Aaron, excellent counter-trolling. I laughed my ass off every time.

  10. Gotta know, Caleb, have you read La Traduccion by Pablo de Santis? It would probably be translated as The Translation, not sure.

  11. Since I was the one who complained about the “itslike” in dangers of fraternization, I must say: “Aaron, that was hilarious”. Thanks for being cool about it.

  12. Hah, nice filler dialogue, Aaron!

  13. This version of Magda was a lot .. angrier than the one I remember on the Stars Our Destination. I guess Magda was basically egonapped, though..

    I also found Aaron’s interludes to be pretty funny.

    Very cool way to adapt an existing scenario into the Know Evil plotline and reveal a little bit more about Manjappa in the process. This was the pay-off for the several mentions of “Well, they’re working on that new language..” through the Scum tier, right?

    The final scene, with the doctor looking through the ice to the stars as the fractal sliced upwards was incredibly cinematic. Well done.

  14. “It’s like…. It’s like…. It’s like…”

    from 2017 *tips imaginary top hat as a Hello from the future*

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

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