A Dirty World: Long Island

(ÒДÓױ)The murder of a certain rich man at his Long Island estate prompts an investigation which draws in an unlikely cast of characters. The sheriff, a gangster, and a fisherman find themselves caught up in a web of lies and scandal. Who’s the killer? Why did the sheriff deputize the fisherman? Some mysteries are too deep to be uncovered but perhaps this homicide during the Roaring Twenties can be solved. Find out who was behind the killing in this special one shot of A Dirty World!

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  1. Deputy Cudgel is unmasked!

  2. Thank you for some actually good memories i can relate the Great Gatsby to.

  3. it’s finally here! oh man, a high point of the preview episodes. Cracked recently taught me that the original Gatsby cover art actually has a naked woman reflected in the eye’s pupils–maybe this reading of the story isn’t as noncanon as we thought?

  4. (also REALLY loved Caleb’s new friend, he adapted SO well. so many funny. hope he wasn’t just a one-time guest!)

  5. I’m not done this episode yet, but this is batshit.

    Absolute batshit. Funny as hell, though.

  6. The tuna is not on time, Smiley!

    Poor butlers, who had to deal with the tomfoolery of the PCs.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this episode since it was first mentioned on the forums. Good think I have a five hour flight to Alaska on Sunday to listen to it!

  8. Absolutely amazing AP. Since I got it as a preview AP from the Base Raider KS, I’ve listened to it three times already. Since it was posted on the main site, that’s just the excuse I need to listen to it again!

  9. I can only assume this is the famous “stick deputation episode.” Oh boy.

  10. God dam tribal fisherman!

  11. Cliff Springer? Why don’t you try Dick Army? 🙂

  12. Rob Schneider is Aaron… and Aaron is the Fisher of Men!

  13. This is why I love all the games Caleb runs. If he ever does Another kickstarter I am in at the skype game level. Also “never bring a tree branch to a gun fight!”

  14. Hello, I’m not native English speaker. Could someone help me understand what word is (written as I hear it) ‘pah-see’?

    I heard it for example in Caleb’s Bryson Springs, when Ross said “Sheriff whiskey and his ‘pah-see’ of double-barrel shotgun.”

    Hope I’m precise enough. Thanks in advance!

  15. Author

    I think the word you’re referring to is spelled posse. It means “a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency “

  16. Yeah, even when the game goes right off the rails it’s still a blast to listen to.

  17. Ross, these dirty worlds are amazing, please tell me there’s a campaign in the works or at least some more one shots in the AP archives.

  18. I listened to the end of this session on my drive into work today and the story of the kids developing this crazy plot to make sense of The Great Gatsby reminded me of a Fiasco setup.

    I don’t have a group to test this with but do you think that, as a GM, Fiasco playsets and setup rules would be an easy way of creating interesting Dirty World scenarios? That is the GM uses Fiasco out-of-session.

  19. Great episode! It’s not a Dirty World unless 1 or 2 PCs die, I think. Steve did pretty good for a first time player.

    Only downside to the recording was that 2 1/2 hour stretch in the middle there where someone was playing with their dice..

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