4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 28: Mysteries upon Mysteries

After defeating the lich Numeides, the Water Barons find themselves embroiled in a number of intrigues and mysteries. Their agendas often collide, leading to deception and distrust. As they delve into morally gray and black areas, will they lose sight of their original goal or stay true to the cause of protecting the innocent grippli at all cost? Find out what schemes are unfolded in this episode. Thanks to Violet for the art, (which has nothing to do with this episode but it looks cool).

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  1. “Lost won’t even be in the social lexicon by the time this is posted” I said. And I was right!

    “I’ll post an episode a week to get caught up” you said . . . and you lied!!!!

  2. And once again Cody handles everything. Thanks for saving Dan’s life, Karrington’s soul, and probably the rest of the world Locke.

    Best cameo yet with McSmasher:
    “This is my friend, McSmasher.”
    “How did I get out here?”
    “He wouldn’t hurt you guys.”
    “No, I totally would.”

    It’s a damn good thing Mike wasn’t there because I’d wager he’d have just attacked, and I don’t know if he’d have done for the Dryad or McSmasher first.

  3. Preacher Cody and Chief McSmasher…epic!

  4. Best parts of this episode would have to be the McSmasher incident, Locke’s hand in helping evil Dan with Lord Carrington (PRAISE PELOR!), and the final outcome of evil Dan’s Lord Carrington quest. That, and Cody’s inner teacher coming out on his mage apprentices. The incident was a perfect example of a grade school teacher taking matters into his own hands.

    You’d think Mike would’ve attacked McSmasher, but he was the one that stopped the entire party from destroying Budekai(?) and gave the party a very resourceful NPC to deal with. Things were hit or miss with him.

    BTW, I think if another GM handled evil Dan’s quest with Lord Carrington, evil Dan wouldn’t have looked so… evil. Lord Carrington was just an innocent pawn in the Machiavellian plans of the heartless Warlock. All of which makes for an awesome AP podcast!

  5. Ross loves to twist the knife and I think that’s what I love the most about him. He rarely comments on issues of morality, but he loves to add things to make us think about the moral issues.

    “I want to change my will! If anything should happen to me, I will give all of my possessions to the Water Barons!”

    “Oh. Okay. Cool.”

    “Yes, who cares about my newly widowed sister and her seven children?!”

    Oh goodness . . .

  6. Ross is an evil genius… a genius that is completely mad I’m afraid!

    Preacher Cody was a thing of beauty, however, the MVP for understated pithy in this episode had to be Tom.

    You know I’ve listened to this game since session numero uno and at first, I didn’t have very high expectations. Well, I’ve been pleasantly surprised as this game has progressively evolved and I really admire Tom’s dedication to playing the Vashek character as true-blue as he could possibly play him.

    I’ve come to dig Tom more and more as a gamer and as a cast member that makes me laugh! +1 for Tom!

  7. Indeed, whether playing it straight, playing a psychopath, or playing a ghoul, Tom is the man!

  8. I agree Tom’s a knockout player, but I’m not a fan of Vashek. The dragonborn fighter of Bahamut is flat, boring, cowardly, and smug. Vashek constantly spouts off about how “good” he is, but he never really shows it other than saying “no” to obviously black and white moral choices. Kill an orphan? Hell no! Form an alliance with a bunch of vampires? Well, ok, I guess.

    The argument for the alliance was brought out by Watcher, who seemed really good at intimidating other characters to get his way, but a scene like that really brought into question Vashek’s high and mighty moral code. They walked into a scene where a bunch vampires had peasants hooked up to contraptions that literally sucked the blood out of them. I think Dan made a roll to figure out the peasants weren’t outright killed by the process, but what happened to the peasants after they were no longer viable blood bags? Were they allowed to just walk out of the dungeon and continue on with their lives? Very unlikely, since releasing them back into the general populace would lead to folks topside to start asking questions and coming to conclusions that nest of vampires may be the cause of the drained peasants. With that, you have a faction doing outright “evil” things. Vashek was willing to stand aside while Watcher formed an alliance with the vampires and promised them sanctuary in the group’s ruins.

    I know Edmund Burke doesn’t exist in the New World, but this quote still remains true: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    Vashek’s ideals failed under the ramblings of Watcher. The point was driven home deeper when the night gaunt dropped from the ceiling, landed next to Vashek, smirked, and walked away from the dragonborn.

    It’s easy to say you’re a good guy when you don’t have to work at it.

  9. Frankly I enjoy hearing dice.

  10. Yes, the dice are what clinches the excellence of the recording for me. How else would I know that you all are playing a game?

    Seriously though you guys rule. These are enthralling to listen to and this episode is one of the greatest.

  11. Cody is so brilliant … He just JUSTIFIED his actions as being “not evil” by saying: “I was like Satan […]”

    I lost it right there 😀

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