Monsters and Other Childish Things: Pastoral Manor Playtest

I am currently writing a campaign for Monsters and Other Childish Things, themed around a summer road trip around the USA to save the world from an evil cult. A group of kids with their monster friends must fight the bad guys at many different places including Pastoral Manor, a quaint New England farm with a unique quirk: every animal on it is intelligent and can talk. Of course bad things are brewing there as a rabbit is leading a revolt against the human owner of the farm. What is the evil cult up to and what side should our heroes take? Find out in the first playtest of Pastoral Manor!

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  1. lawl any ap that mentions the newhampshire darkmagicks is the best!

  2. Great AP. Iv never played Monsters but this makes me want to pick it up, even thought I have had some bad feelings about the one roll engine (this may be due to early editions of the engine). As soon as I heard Tom’s monster I knew this was gonna be awesome.

  3. Monsters sounds pretty interesting. I’m going to try and talk one of my players into run a game for me πŸ™‚

    Also..The Duke…..will have to become a NPC in one of my games.

  4. I bought Monsters and Other Childish things because of his Actual Play. Higher praise I do not think I can give.

    I’m amazed by how simple the system really is and how easy it is to pick up. I’m actually planning to use it to run other games by using the rules for kids and monster stating up, it’s so well rounded.


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