Wushu: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1988

Inspired by Top Shelf’s recent April Fool’s joke, I ran a one shot game on this Cinco de Mayo using Wushu, a rules light open ended system. The player characters were all iconic 80s heroes, including Doc Brown, Optimus Prime, Jack Burton, MacGuyver, and B.A. Baracus. They must stop Scarface and his army of Lost Boy vampires from taking over the world.

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  1. It’s everything I could have hoped for. I think I’m crying with joy. I love the throwing around random heroes and villians.

  2. “BLAAAAH!! Cigarette Lighter to the Crotch! BLEEEHHH!!”

  3. “I make a parabolic microphone out of Styrofoam and Dreams.” Pure awesome.

  4. Better then dodge ball! Great ap, I’m glad to know that BA eats grimlins. And yes Styrofoam and dreams, thank you Arje

  5. This fucking episode was monumentally EPIC!

    This was everything that I had hoped it would be, especially when Cody started getting drunk!

    I think I have a purely PLATONIC man-crush on RJ! I love RJ; he is fucking hilarious!

    I look forward to RJ making more appearances in RPPR actual plays in the future…

    Cody, Dan, Jason, Tom, Aaron, RJ & Ross were all in fine form.

    “You’ve never seen Short Circuit!? GET THE FUCK OUUUUUT!”

    Man, there was just way too much nerd/80’s pop culture pron in this episode to fully appreciate in one listen!

    Mark my words, this episode will go down as one of the “classic” actual plays in the RPPR cannon…

  6. And by “cannon” I mean “canon”

  7. As a man with Parkinson’s, I found the Parkinson’s joke to be amusing. There you go.
    You’ve just been defended.

    Also, the first 3 minutes made me laugh my ass off.

  8. If you noticed, BA Baracus never faced off against any fools or any jibberjabber.

  9. Cody’s impression of Mike’s robot…


    I’m running a League of Extraordinary Gentlement 80s GURPS Lite next week. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  10. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1988 was a joke on the part of ComicsAlliance (the site you linked to) not Top Shelf.

  11. This was hilarious, but you didn’t really play by the Wushu rules.

  12. Great! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to this, and I listened to the 90’s version before the 80’s version!

    I can see B.A. chomping on a gremlin like a dog with a chew toy, in my mind, right now.

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