Fiasco at Gencon 2011: Transatlantic

I finally got a chance to try out the indie RPG, Fiasco at Gencon this year. I played with several people from the Arc Dream crew, including Shane Ivey and Greg Stolze. We used the Transatlantic playset:

The time is 1932, the place? Somewhere in the mid-Atlantic aboard the luxury cruise ship Leviathan, a week out of Southampton en route to New York. On this flagship cruiser’s maiden voyage, the Captain has been directed to quietly contend for the glorious Blue Riband — the accolade awarded to the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Topside, you enjoy a salty Gibson while pulling the heavy double wool of your coat closer to your body. Friends make merry with lively talk amongst themselves — it’s a din barely overheard above the hammering engine and thresh of the ship’s mighty propellers. Spray from the bow’s cleave manages to catch your cheek even this far aft. Your gaze draws across the dull, slate waters wondering at the marvel of it all: New beginnings? Maybe this time things will be different? Perhaps your dreams are within reach? What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. A hilarious game, great play-through!

    So many amazing lines in this one. FOR FACISM

  2. It is now my mission in life to find a surviving copy of “Pimpin’ In the Rain.”

    Kudos to everyone in the game, you played well off of each other and it sounds like a fun system.

  3. Awww yeah, Fiasco AP. I’ve loved listening to people play Fiasco ever since I first heard one (On the Community AP Feed, actually), it’s just so much fun to hear people do.

  4. omg, the gotta catch em all tiarababble. so much good.

  5. Greg kept bleeding into a George Takei impression, which seems perfectly fitting given his role in the game.

    I enjoyed that everyone seemed to be paying attention the whole game; there where tons of call back jokes. “What are all these dead rats doing down here?”

  6. Does Ross NEED to Throttle a Bitch? Brilliant.

  7. Best Tagline For A Movie I Will (Sadly) Never Get To See:


    Great, great AP! Thanks for posting this Ross.

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