Pantheon: The Game of Gods

Pantheon is a GMless game developed by Robin Laws and uses a unique narrative cage match system.  Special guests Patrick and Karee match wits with some regulars in the Game of Gods. In the beginning there was nothing. Then there were gods. And they were dicks. And then all kinds of crazy shit happened. Find out what kind of creation myth the mad minds behind RPPR can dream up!

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  1. This was pretty awesome. Merry Christmas, folks.

  2. Awesome game, guys!

    The best quote is right at the beginning: “So, you tell Ross he can create anything, and he makes eldritch horrors.”

  3. And now I have to buy this.

  4. Awesome game, is it available on the internets? I looked for it on RPGnow and couldn’t find it. Where can I find a copy?

  5. I know one of my players owns the Pantheon book and now I have to bug him so we can play. I love the one shots you guys run and have recommended your site to my players.

  6. Author

    From Robin Law’s Twitter: Pantheon is long out of print. (Published by @JamesWallis ‘ former company Hogshead) Ebay or Igor’s would be your best bets.

  7. When Ross declared “Haha! I have Cthulhu!” I choked on my pizza. I must get my hands on this book.

  8. I wish someone would animate this whole game, I forgot how much fun it was.

  9. No way, Ross went evil in this game. Not only did he go evil, he went Cthulhu!

    Great game, I really enjoyed the mechanics of the system and I would love to play this with my own group sometime.

    Finally, Bill is back! Yay. I love Bill because he is the zen-master!

    Thanks to Jason, Patrick and Kree (or is it Karee, either way I’m sure I butchered her name. My apologies in advance…) for making my day far more enjoyable…

  10. Where can you find a pantheon book?

  11. It took forever for me to find this book. The moment I found it, I scanned it into a PDF form, because the book was so old and fragile. Now I play with it online with friends. Other games in the book are:

    + Grave and Watery. action and horror in an undersea base with a killer aboard. + Boardroom Blitz: high drama and big money clash in a battle for control of the family megacorporation.
    + The Big Hole: modern-day gangsters meet in a tale of crime, blackmail, double-crosses and revenge.
    + Destroy All Buildings: there’s panic in Tokyo as giant monsters converge on the city to fight!
    + Pantheon: your chance to create the universe anew and mess around with it.

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