All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Daybreakers

After seeing the film, Daybreakers, I was inspired to run a one shot based on it. Instead of following the main story of the movie though, I based it on a simple premise: the players are vampire citizens in the big city on the night when the blood riots break out. Using the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rules to model the horrific blood-starved subsiders, I let the players come up with their own plans for surviving the night. It was a short but entertaining game.

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  1. AFMBE: Daybreakers, otherwise known as Tom isn’t the Most Sadistic Character in the Room For Once.

  2. Fantastic episode! Really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere and some cool role-playing.

    Quick note on the subject of vampires not having reflections in mirrors but showing up on video:

    From a Kim Newman article for Empire (which is basically just a well written advertisement for his book)

    “Stoker’s notes for the novel (which I read about in Christopher Frayling’s The Vampyre) indicate he toyed with the idea of having photography reveal the true nature of vampires – developed prints would show decayed corpses or black smudges”

    (full thing here:

    And apparently it did possibly have something to do with the usage of silver in mirrors. But video cameras are special anyway, you can get super powers and kill the guard just by looking at them!

    But yeah, loved this AP. Great continuation from the movie, and good usage of the system! Not much more to say really. Keep it up!

  3. A fun episode. I didn’t bother to see the movie but I followed along quite nicely. A recurring game based off the movie-verse would be interesting.

    Way to go guys.

  4. @Will B – I thought the momentary discussion about cameras was really interesting because thinking about it, it makes sense (I’d never given it thought). For example, one could tell if someone is a vampire simply by looking in a camera’s viewfinder because when you look at it, you’re actually seeing the image coming in through the lens and reflected off a mirror inside the camera. If you see someone, then look at them through the viewfinder and they’re not there, then obviously they’re a vampire (or a shy wallflower).

    I guess it’s a little irrelevant as a vampire detector in this scenario, considering that almost everyone is a vampire. That said, a camera with a mirrored lens would make an awful good human detector (point camera at hallway – if it sees anyone, they’re a human).

    Wow…I’m a fucking nerd.

  5. @Dan – I suppose it would also raise another important question:

    Would a robot (be they of the Johnny 5 or Bishop variety) be able to fight vampires?

    Their eyes would be presumably video-camera based, and heat signatures wouldn’t pick up so well, because they’re walking corpses.

    I suppose motion detection technology would work, so in the Daybreakers world, robots would essentially be Daredevil.

    Although now I’m just picturing Johnny 5 spinning around with a stake, so, now who’s the nerd, I don’t know.

  6. So if Terminators fought vampires, it’d be a good fight?

  7. Well, the vampires wouldn’t really have any reason to fight the terminators since it’s not real blood, unless the terminators had been deployed as guardians by the humans.

    I guess the vampires wouldn’t really be able to fight back if we’re talking about anything more advanced than a T-101, although if they couldn’t see the vampires, presumably they’d be a lot easier to reprogram.

    Terminators are tricky because they’re pretty much indestructible, but vampires against a synthetic like Bishop might be a more interesting fight.

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