Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum: The Endius Mandate – Episode 3

The agents have to capture their first target, a psyker currently trapped in a fortress under siege! They’ll have to travel to the frontlines, find a way into the fortress and then capture Nova the psyker. Not an easy task, especially for a psyker who can see the future, but perhaps their secret weapon, Lim the Null can save the day.

Vee as Rabbit, voidborn guard savant, – Check out Queen’s Court Games
Noah as Khurt Neksilp, imperial guard – Listen to Thinking Too Hard About Anime
Thad as The Harrow, voidborn mystic psyker
Kara as Lim the null hiveborn blank zealot

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  1. Ah…I don’t like to spoil but Lim was so useful. Also, loved the apathetic guard/soldier who wanted fresh lo-sticks. Refreshing.

    The whole administratum hunt and secure targets scenario gives me the feel of The Blind Eyes as the players slowly build their power base of operations.

    Not overly violent though aside from the fondness of Ross to refer to old films and insane train conductor characters..

    Really enjoying the fresh take on the 40k setting without marines and xenos.

    Makes a gentle change to DG.

    Thanks Ross and players!

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