Savage Worlds: Rifts – Symphony of the End – Episode 10

The Muse Squad heads into the Orchestra, a massive pre-Rifts underground facility used by the American military for scientific research. It is the birthplace of the Muses and the origins of the Symphony of the End. Due to the rifts, it has expanded as a fractal, with numerous variations and permutations. Rival factions are trying to take the Orchestra over, and the Muse Squads means to keep them out. The Coalition has built a beachhead outpost in the Orchestra and the Tomorrow Legion wants it destroyed!

Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Chris as Cranberry Bog Hexer, Human Ocean Wizard
David as 44, a Maxi Man tattoo warrior

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  1. Chris was on fire this episode. Top one has to be Mock the Dead, probably the best spell I have ever heard!

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