Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 5

Your megazord won't save you now!After the success of Operation Black Dolphin, it was only a matter of time before the vampires struck back. The family of one of the Ronin is threatened, which reveals a leak in the police department. Who can the Ronin trust now? How can they possibly survive the next confrontation? Why does a Red Ranger costume come into play? Find out in this thrilling episode of Tribes of Tokyo!

Thanks to Crazon for the artwork!

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  1. sooo what’s the ground-level Caleb operating plan for Syria?

  2. Listening to the guys trying to get guns in Japan made me think this.

    “The next time RPPR runs Nights Black Agents the game has to happen in Texas…And the Vampires have to be incorporeal”

  3. Holy hell, these vampires are hard to kill. I owe Tadanori Oyama an apology, I think. And think I need to run this game.

  4. I love this game so much. Just after the red ranger is Caleb wandering the drainage system shouting at Aikira while napalm burns.

  5. This is a very exciting campaign. I’m totally hooked. I don’t know how you guys are going to top this episode. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  6. Sadly they have yet to post the map of the place as they mentioned @1 hr. 56 min. in.

  7. I don’t think it is Japanese David Bowie but actually David Bowie.

  8. Never follow the fat old Jap man when he runs….. It is certain death. Red ranger was great. But a chicken costume would have been outragious, just after the channe 6 episode. And now I have the image of David Bowie dressed as a jap Vampire with outragious ratted hair with a spider print robe on. Now the Spiders from mars makes sense. fantastic episode.

  9. Aaron jumping out of the van in a Red Ranger costume and doing a pose before running off had to be one of *the* funniest things I have ever heard in RPPR recordings. Golf Clap for everyone.

  10. Poor Akira. I was really hoping for him to pull a reversal on Haru at some point – ambush, tie up the old Japanese man, maybe throw in some monologuing..

    Fantastic use of setting with the G-cans. Especially the part where the lights go out was just awesome.

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