Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 2

Spy on a ledgeThe consultants begin their investigation by diving into the seedy underworld of Tokyo night clubs and drug dealers. The mysterious Jungo left behind a trail through the night clubs and the consultants must follow in the dead vampire’s steps to find out who he worked for and what they are planning. The Red Emperors, a low level motorcycle gang, distribute a strange new drug called Reverb throughout Tokyo, using dealers at nightclubs to sell them. What is Reverb and why are vampires distributing it? The mystery only deepens in this episode of Tribes of Tokyo!

Thanks to Crazon for the art!

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  1. I don’t usually go in for Japanophile stuff or OUR VAMPIRES ARE DIFFERENT, but I think I rully like this campaignette so far. I’m torn between reading Night’s Black Agents and just letting it reveal through Rossian channels.

  2. Preparedness checks for ALL THE THINGS.

  3. I think Jason was the MVP going through his disguise was a joy. Matched only by Caleb swinging between in character and out of character suggestions.

  4. I think Aaron needs MVP for once again avoiding seduction at all costs. The man will never try this method, and it is amazing to listen too.
    Also Aaron will never be the social character which I think can be agreed we all want that too happen at some point.

    Also stop stealing my player too do your session art you fiends!
    Jokes aside love seeing Crazon’s art on these(cause its good and it also means not another episode of Iron Heroes which I just couldn’t cannot get into)

  5. Really liking these. It was over so quickly but Ross is really doing a good job with IMMERSION. I can’t wait to hear Tom get more involved, seams sort of sidelined but new system, new role yadda yadda. GJ all.

  6. Radiation!?

  7. Just stared but was I the only one when Aaron was giving his statement hoped he had a cover identify as a mechanic at Timely Tuna who was a part time deputy?

  8. if Batman were in this game, his highest pool would be Preparedness :3

  9. The Timely Tuna cover would only work if we were investigating a underground sushi chain run by vampires.

  10. So far the Preparedness rolls are pretty crazy(cray cray) in this campaign. Wow. Do the target numbers scale with the request(3= normal, 10= trying to pull some Bill and Ted shit. TRASHCAN!)? I’ve only read Fear Itself for the Gumshoe rules, so I don’t know.

  11. “Alas, poor Jungo” scene had me laughing out loud. Great stuff.

    “Tactical origami” was fantastic. Never did mankind think those two words could be used together, until now.

    This EP was flowing way better than EP1.

    One thing I picked up on is the need to explain clearly and concisely the environment surrounding the players. Maps win! Aaron’s desperation in the club manager’s office was a classic example. As was Caleb’s efforts in the hospital.

    Looking forward to EP3. Radioactive vampires, go!

  12. @starmonkey

    Funny part, since then there’ve been several instances of tactical origami. You would be amazed what can be done with a piece of paper; I’ve managed to pull off a few saves and I’m not even that good at it.

    “Alas, poor Jungo. I knew him, Hiro; a fellow of infinite rage, of most excellent violence. He hath put me on my back a thousand times and now how exulted in my imagination it is! My heart wells at it. Here hung those lips I snarled at I know not how oft. Where be your barbs now? Your parkour? Your taunts? Your flashes of psychopathy that were wont to set the table ablaze? ….often literally, that last.”

    With no apologies to Shakespeare whatsoever.

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