Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 1

A group of violent, ruthless, and utterly amoral killers is on the loose. There's also vampires.Thanks to Crazon for the art!

Tribes of Tokyo is the newest RPPR campaign, which uses Night’s Black Agents for the system. A game of thrilling espionage action and dark vampiric horror in the bustling metropolis of modern day Tokyo, starts as a normal investigative scenario. A group of security consultants in Tokyo are hired for a typical job, digging up dirt on a mysterious individual by an anonymous client. Unfortunately, the target is not what he seems to be and the consultants find themselves fighting against a conspiracy of inhuman monsters able to climb sheer walls and shrug off gunfire. Who are they and what do they want? More importantly, what will they do to the consultants if they catch them? This group of misfits and washouts from various intelligence and criminal organizations have to find and stop their new adversaries before it’s too late.


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  1. Score! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since hearing of Aaron’s escapades and reading Caleb’s rants.

  2. Oh my god. All my Sunday nights plans are off, gotta make space to listen to this AP. 😀

  3. ahahah oh man when Caleb scents a JRPG-style supposed-to-escape villain

  4. Well, that was a bit crazier than I was expecting, but man what an exciting session. Very much looking forward to the continuation.

  5. That was a badass, funass time.

    Tad was right, and I stand *very* corrected; vampires are tough as fuck.

  6. Oh Aaron, I totally would have done the same thing, chase after the bad guy and then realize I’m alone and he’s actually armed.

    Really immersive description of Tokyo, digging hearing things like the Japanese word for motorcycle gang.

  7. “Please Ross, I have nothing but zero’s on my sheet”–Caleb ain’t too proud to beg

  8. I was told there would be my little pony! The lack thereof has caused me not only to unfollow RPPR but to declare my undying enmity and intention of herding all of you into a series of calebesque death traps to wreak karmic revenge!
    (In all seriousness though Feel free to mock us all you want. We know we’re freaks and we don’t care. Looking forward to what looks like another great campaign!)

  9. Caleb definitely stole the session with all of his awesome/creative plans/manipulations and for the double overkill on the vampire who more than likely survived

  10. I think my favorite moment was Caleb flipping out over the tainted dice.

  11. Holy Crap. Not a single Bruce Lee style character…. This was great. Great lines too. The banter with the land lady was great. And What The Hell Where You thinking… climbing up on a roof without a gun or anything against a bloody faced vampire? Love the podcast. you guys are great. Wish I could see the Vampire take out the Biker gang. Thanks.

  12. What was played first. This ör the iron bonus box?

  13. Dam spellchecker

  14. Am proud (and somewhat surprised) the PCs did not go all murder hobo on that landlady.

    “How are we going to distract the landlady?”

    “No witnesses!”

  15. Pretty much the entire campaign was played before the prequel. We played Iron-Banded Box the week before the last two sessions of the Tribes campaign.

  16. Ah, interesting. This was a nice game for certain though, now I’m curious to see how the Iron-Bonus Box would play out. I imagine it would be very similar, though with less Cthulhu and more game show.

  17. Author

    The Iron Bonus Box is the #1 game show in Carcosa. The bonus usually turns out to be madness and everyone is a winner. Even the audience. Especially the viewers at home. Have you watched Iron Bonus Box today? You should. You’re invited for next week’s taping. Don’t be late.

  18. Confess Ross…. You are the King in Yellow. As Sam Kennison would say. “SAY IT! SAY IT!.. AAAAHHHH AHHOOOOO!!!!” Can’t wait for the next show. Lovecraft would be proud.

  19. I shall say this, it is a great game.
    I’ll follow it up with Crazon has done even more great art.
    And for those that look through his account and find Slenderman riding a Train, that is from a campaign he is in that I’m running. Its Monsters & Other Childish Things

  20. Caleb, roleplaying means pretending to be a spy, not actually being one. Please stop stealing the show all the time, let someone else shine once in a while. Alternately: Everyone else, you’re playing with Caleb, bring your A-game and try to out-magnificent him, I know it’s a lot to ask, but he’s making you all (and every other roleplayer in the world) look bad.

  21. Have started listening to this while I’m on holidays – between RPPR and YSDC, I’m all set 🙂

    Constructive feedback from this episode, from a listener who just finished the Know Evil campaign. Big fan.

    1) Ross should try and reduce his “ums”. You could probably slow down your speech a bit – obviously the high IQ brain running in overdrive as GM. Very impressed with how you manage a player like Caleb, whose lateral thinking would be a challenge for any GM. Lastly: consider varying your voices, at least to help listeners distinguish between GM voice and NPC voice.

    2) Aaron should try and reduce saying “it’s like”. Aaron has the best laugh ever, love it. I also love the interesting situations he gets himself into. That’s a skill in itself.

    3) Caleb is very similar to a player/gm in my group. Therefore I can say only this: work with the GM as much as possible, even when you can’t achieve what you wanted. Note there are several situations where you did exactly that.

    I’m halfway into episode 2 now, thanks guys for sharing.

    // SM

  22. dontgoinsidedontgoinsidedontgoinside…

  23. I just started running some one/few-shots of Night’s Black Agents, so listening to a game of it is really helpful (and enjoyable). Good work guys.

    So Ross, we have to talk about this last combat. I’m only thinking of you & your reputation, my friend.

    So you decided to spare agent#1 that Jungo walked in on, pointed his .45 at & would have recognized. In classic James Bond style, instead of the villain just immediately unloading his pointed gun on his recognized foe that he completely has the drop on – he decides to chat it up – and even decides to let his foe open the propane tank. Ummmm – Bond’esque, I guess.

    However, then when agent#2 shoots the propane tank that agent#1 was at least as close to as the vampire (agent#1 had just opened the valve, after all) agent#1 dives out of way faster than his fellow agent’s bullet can reach the propane tank, so he’s miraculously safe from the explosion?? But BEFORE he dives completely out of the way at the speed of light, agent#1 retcons that he adhere’d nails all over the propane tank that he’s miraculously dived out of the way of???? (First, the Explosive Ability Cherry only works on an Explosive that the Agent sets. Moreover, the Preparedness Ability really isn’t going to let you retcon an action – unless you have the Preparedness Cherry ‘In the Nick of Time’.) THEN you let them completely reroll the propane explosive damage because they weren’t happy with the first roll??? (And I’m pretty sure the player who then used his “Luck of the Devil” cherry, which is 1/session, on that explosive re-roll gift had already used it about 30 minutes before on an interaction test). Hahahhahhaha. Ross…Ross…Ross….what happened buddy?? WTF???? Did they threaten never to drink with again or what?? Holy soft as a rice lily.

    Ha, might have to confiscate your GM-card, sir. PC deaths when battling vampires are part of NBA, especially when they have the drop on an agent at Point Blank – just let it happen, sir.

    Appreciate you posting these!

  24. checking in from seven years later and, yes, this still kicks ass

    “you don’t chase a crane–you go south and wait”


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