Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 8

This episode guest directed by Michael BayThanks to Crazon for the art!

The Ronin must rescue their comrade from Toru’s grasp, but fortunately they have a plan. It requires perfect timing, incredible luck, and the proper application of explosives. Of course, Toru has plans of his own. Who will come out on top in this action packed episode? There’s only one way to find out!

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  1. Is anyone else having problems getting this from the IOS podcast app?

  2. so is the next/an upcoming episode that ancient Japan flashback oneshot from a while ago? (in before Ross says ACtually it was only 400 years ago which isn’t consider ancient)

  3. I’m also having trouble getting this episode on the iOS podcast app. I can get it other ways, but hopefully Apple hasn’t banned Ross for being a horrible monster.

  4. Amazing session – I can’t believe it worked. Ebola!

  5. At the end of the episode I had The lonely islands ‘I’m on a boat’ going round and round in my head.

  6. You tried to warn me but I didn’t listen. I looked up Krokodil on the internet. Oh my God! Why would anyone do that? Why didn’t I listen to you guys? WHY?!!

  7. It is a scary scary drug.
    Here is a description I lifted of the internet:

    It causes serious damage to the veins and soft tissue infections, rapidly followed by gangrene and necrosis, severe mutilations, rotting gums, bone infections, decayed structure of the jaw and facial bones, sores and ulcers on the forehead and skull as well as rotting ears, noses and lips and liver and kidney problems.

  8. Yeah, Krokodil is fucking terrible as shit. If you’re squeamish, you really shouldn’t google that.

    Pretty awesome game, btw. I wasn’t very into the campaign after the first episode, but the arc starting with Kazuo’s mother getting kidnapped has been really damn good. Also, Space Vampire Drugs is a funny thing to say.

  9. I’ve heard the krokodil horror shots in the internat are more to do with horrifically unsterilized needles than they are with the drug itself. I haven’t looked it up since it’s apparently come to America. =\ has anyone ever not looked it up because he was told not to look it up?

  10. As far as the iOS goes, I finally found it at the bottom of my list with a release date of the 1st of January 2009, figure someone in the rppr crew has been time travelling again.

    An absolute joy to listen as always, guys, though I’m slightly worried that now any mention of Ebola will make me laugh these days.

  11. Good job, RPPR. Once again, you’ve threaded the needle and made me cackle out loud at work.

  12. Quantum time drugs. I love you Ross Payton.

  13. That krokodile must get you high as fuck. Damn.

    Next time Caleb says “don’t look it up” I’ll listen. Maybe.

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