Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 3

Even old burned out agents are manga fans in JapanThe Ronin have decided to track down the source of the mysterious drug, Reverb, which takes them to the sewers of Shibuya. Their mission raises more questions than it answers, but that will have to wait. Their boss has arranged a meeting with the engimatic client, but the Ronin must provide security. Of course, the opposition decides to interfere. Can the Ronin turn the tables on their enemies for once? Find out in this episode!

Thanks to Crazon for the art!

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  1. evidence of Caleb’s CIA training grows. you can be a very frightening man, sir.

    I think you’re onto something with this $600 Highlander concept, Ross. you should convert RPPR to a free-to-play business model and charge the players microtransactions for cosmetic upgrades to their character sheets and for instant revives in Call of Cthulhu games, consumables that double their sanity regain for an hour.

  2. I agree crawlkill. Caleb seems like the nicest guy ever, and then his character turns around and does…well, horrific shit.

  3. Behold the magic of roleplaying!

    Yes…roleplaying. That’s all it is.

    (thousand yard stare)


  4. At this point I think Caleb is the new monster. That stunt with the helmet is like something one of Ross’ s npcs would do.

  5. Jason, don’t listen to those jerks, turning the tables is a worthy accomplishment.

    Also, are these “Liao” vampires?

  6. Wow…just wow. What an entertaining and utterly riveting episode. I say riveting, not because of the inherent drama of the story, but for the pure brilliance of Caleb’s plans.

    Caleb, I am a teacher, and I have an immense love and respect for my profession, so understand that I do not say this lightly: I think you may be wasting your talents. I’m pretty sure the CIA could put that devious mind of yours to better (or worse?) uses!

    Ha, how very enjoyable. The bit with the interrogation of Akira was beyond awesome. I greatly sympathized with the guys as Ross dismantled their very carefully laid plans for the ambush.

    Ross, really? Aaron has to make a hand-to-hand attack, without huge bonuses, against a man lying prone and completely immobile on the floor? And he has to make a CALLED SHOT to kick the taser out of the guys hand, as it ALSO lies immobile on the floor? That entire exchange was ridiculous!

  7. I like how the campaign games are becoming/have become Ross vs Caleb in a Holmes / Moriarty style chess match of escalating gambits and deathtraps.

  8. listening to Know Evil again, it must be completely impossible to run Eclipse Phase games for Caleb, because he’ll both plan better and know the technology better than the GM. at least modern games don’t give him black dots and lens crazers no one else has ever heard of to play with. I lovelovelove RPPR’s CIA plant. don’t get too powerful, Ross! Obama will topple you!

  9. Absolutely tremendous episode, gentlemen; I’ve gone back and listened to it several times already. Guycep’s point about the campaign being captivating as it becomes a contest of wits and wills between Ross and Caleb is spot on. Caleb getting salty in the wake of the elevator thugs wrecking the plan was good radio, and his “acquisition” of Akira as a resource was kinda scary. Bravo, sir. That’s good pod.

    Oh, and Aaron busting out a full wetsuit to do a little sewer exploring while Jason and the NPC opt for simple waders was just about the funniest thing ever.

  10. Well we now know how Caleb handles his studends.

    So the plan is to uncover these vamps and then report it so the Japenese government so DeltaGreen/Majestic can come and kill it all?

  11. And above when I wrote “Jason” I of course meant “Tom.” Mea culpa.

  12. Ross with the GM of the Rings quote I only caught 2nd time through, “that is a very specific level of tired”


    Love this campaign

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