Night’s Black Agents: Tribes of Tokyo episode 7

Not pictured: The legions of goblins who serve under ToruToru the vampire seems to be the key to unraveling the conspiracy, so the Ronin investigate his background to gain an edge. This leads them through the seedy underworld of host clubs, cosplayers, and occultists. Of course that isn’t the only challenge for the Ronin. The vampires offer them a chance to negotiate for peace. In a rare encounter without violence, the Ronin talk to an older man, apparently the leader of the conspiracy. He offers them an intriguing opportunity to learn the motives of the conspiracy. Can they possibly accept the deal? Thanks to Crazon for the art!

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  1. this is far and away my favorite Ross campaign! I’m always iffy on Japan fetishism, but it really hasn’t veered that way. the sense that the conspiracy was adequately planned out ahead of time, the opportunity for Caleb to make goddamn insane plans. if we get mid-campaign PC death next time around, it’ll be perfect!

  2. also, I love these tailored illustrations. so cool.

  3. Loving this game!

  4. What was the encounter without violence?

  5. are they yours, RC?! carry on!

  6. Steampunk prostitues are powered by wood.

  7. Man, the best line of the night didn’t even get a laugh:
    “I don’t think these are sexy vampires we’re dealing with…with the exception of Bowie-san, of course.”

  8. Fantastic… I keep picturing Bowie as a Vampire. This is a great seried. I quit watching tv and started listening to you Podcast episodes and am constantly entertained and laughing my ass off. thanks.

    Loved the Idea of swapping the tracking device with explosives at the last minute. (Background) laughed like crazy.

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