Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 11

"Be an officer in the army, they said. It would look good in the Imperial Court, they said."The final battle of the war is only the beginning of trouble for Xin’s Crows! The Grey Sky Horde will finally meet the Imperial army on the field of battle, but Xin’s Crows have their own problems. The conspiracy against the Imperial Court must be stopped, not out of love for the Great Empire, but so the Crows can fulfill their own goals. Vo comes up with an ingenious plan to stop the conspiracy, but will it work? Find out how the “Double Hamlet” plan works in this last adventure before the epilogue for the campaign begins!

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  2. Can’t fucking wait! After The New World, this has been my favorite RPPR campaign (although I freely admit I haven’t yet listened to Caleb’s Eclipse Phase campaign).

  3. So I’m now convinced of all the conspiracy theories folks have posted comments of on various games. Caleb is either a super tactician in his off hours or evil genius… or both! Between death traps and needlessly elaborate plans, that succeed 99% of the time, why doesn’t Caleb have his own volcano lair? or perhaps he does, in the Ozarks!

  4. Review Cultist, there is absolutely no volcano lair, it doesn’t have seventeen levels staffed by 10,003 minions, and it is definitely NOT located in the Ozark mountains between Branson and Springfield. He is not planning world domination and I categorically deny any knowledge of a new world order that works (on paper) 242% better than the established world order.

    …still, if anyone could do all that, my money’s on Caleb to pull it off. The proof is in the Double Hamlet!

  5. Brilliant episode once again, keeping up with the high quality of episodes this campaign has delivered. Cannot wait for the epilogues, and sad that there’s so little left of this.

  6. Oh, and Aaron’s “Last Meal” intimidation was awesome.

  7. volcano! lair! I’m convinced the Calebplans phenomenon is partly because he reads all the things and so has a zillion zillion plots simmering in his head to draw on and remix as needs dictate. which is great. never invent from whole cloth what you can adapt from what worked already.

    this campaign has been really concise, and I dig that. I’d actually thought it’d keep going and getting more and more explosive, and I’m glad it’s gonna close just as it’s starting to touch the crazy-asseder notes. good arc.

    and poor Thad suffers still at the hands of an eleven-month backlog, bringin up our sexually harassing him yae unto this very day XD

  8. That was great. Another great epsidoe and hopefully after the epilogue you all find time to do another game in Iron Hero’s as this has been my favorite campaign out of all real plays that I have listened to. Love the Patton reference and Double Hamlet. Cant wait to listen to the next adventure and black nights tokyo

  9. There needs be a video of Caleb in a black hood robe rasping “Execute Order 66…”

  10. I cannot believe during the whole ‘trap the city’ scene that no one referenced Predator. You even lifted a large counter balance with rope.

    I blame a lack of Tom.

  11. I loved most of this, but the final battle with the Hoarde was so anticlimactic, I get why it went like that though.

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