Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 8

Thanks, Sir ObviousXin’s Crows must protect the Imperial Army from a dangerous ambush, if they want to get out of the swamp alive and with their fortunes intact. Unfortunately, the Grey Sky Horde has a few tricks up their sleeves and by tricks, I mean advanced war machines. The Crows must sneak into the enemy camp and find a way to disable as many war machines as possible before the ambush starts.

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  1. This got epic and hilarious all at once. A great listen, though it seemed like Caleb and Aaron were getting as annoyed with the system as they might have with a Palladium game or World of Darkness. XD It was funny to hear that too.

  2. I am surprised no one tried to loot one of the war machenes. One of those would have to be worth a few raises.

  3. if it’s a legitimate arrow omg

  4. Almost deaths. Good team work though! Can’t wait for the fallout, RE: profit!

  5. I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE! Yes, I also have trouble reconciling my belief in the rational and my seemingly magical ability to roll like crap. Also, I think Tom might be the Elder God of Dice Rolling.

  6. Man, d20 combat is boring as hell to listen to. I’m pretty sure it’s the system, not Ross or the players.

  7. We all know, Jason only saved Aaron so he could kill him his self later.

  8. everyone ignored the boss fight and attacked the minions. While near deadly, I found the game to be less interesting than the previous ones. There was little that really…separated characters from each other in that fight.

  9. I love Caleb complaining about d20, because his complaints are well founded as the system is boring and complex.

  10. FWIW I do feel like this campaign’s sessions are a lot less engaging/entertaining than the New World campaign — which was even more tediously rules-fiddly at the same time. Does this mean d20 sucks even worse than 4th edition? I dunno. Could be I just had my hopes absurdly high about a Silk Road or at least China-themed campaign ;(

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