Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 5

Sky Dragon can't even believe the shit that is going onXin’s Crows take the fight to the abandoned monastery! In order to secure their caravan, they must stop the bandits from attacking once and for all. To their good fortune, the masked assassin who has hounded their every move has shown himself. The heroes must fight their way through to the assassin and then overtake him in a chase across the desert. What secrets does the assassin have and what will Xin’s Crows do after that? Find out in this thrilling episode!

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  1. I’m gonna leave this for my upcoming 30-hour transatlantic misery voyage

  2. ahahah oh man Ross you need to keep throwing plot armored enemies at Caleb it’s too funny when he sees red

  3. He didn’t have plot armor, it’s just that Jason didn’t have the nerve to kill him, and Caleb (maybe?). And the players did get rid of him (maybe?)

  4. It’s not so much not having the nerve to kill him as not having the ability to kill him. I suffered several hits to my physical stats. If I had tried, I most certainly would have hit Vo. Remember the dice hate me proportionately as much as they love Tom, so I literally could not hit the broadside of the barn.

  5. I have to say that it did seem as though the Assassin had plot armor but I have a feeling that Ross realized that Caleb wasn’t going to give in so threw in the equalizer.
    It was a good call. In my opinion compromise is healthy for both players and GMs.

    Great AP to listen to. Maybe I’m a little late to ask but what rules are you using for the businesses?
    Is it a homebrew system or something like Reign?
    I ask because it sounds like you’re using a lot of ORE terminology during those parts.

  6. Whew, heck of an adventure, three parts all strong throughout. Really looking forward to where this game goes.

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