Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 12

"Oh shit, is that crazy woman still following us? She is, isn't she?"The epilogue adventures begin! The war is over and the Grey Sky Horde has retreated to their capital city but that won’t stop Vo from rescuing her husband and getting revenge. Xin’s Crows must infiltrate the city, find Locke, get revenge, and get out, without being detected by the garrison of warriors stationed in the city. Brute force cannot win the day. Of course, Vo is far more cunning than the average Grey Sky Horde guard, but will that be enough when she crosses paths with their officers and leaders?

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  1. So there will be session-long epilogues for everyone? Awesome.

    Was expecting Locke’s fate to turn out pretty badly, but daaaaaaamn Ross. You a cold homie. Props to Caleb for leaving the husband. That had to have sucked.

    Can’t wait to hear how dark Ja’Qim’s epilogue is.

  2. Yes, this episode Ross stared across at his players, twirling his mustache chortling at the players. Love it.

    Assuming what is going to happen does happen, the next episode should be titled ‘The Wrath of Vo.”

  3. Of all of them I think only David has a chance of getting out of this with a ‘happy’ ending. I mean it is Mr Payton whom the term Rossian Bargain was coined to describe the choices he gives players so I don’t think it will actually happen but you know, I would like to thing the big lug has a chance.

  4. Funny you should say that, Tim, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Aaron has his deal with the bankers (*cough*soldhissoul*cough*), Jason must settle his weird conflict of faith and, well, we’ve already seen what’s happened to Vo, who I personally thought was going to kick ass, take names and live happily ever after and damn all Rossian bargains to hell.

    In comparison, David’s character really doesn’t seem about to face down anything as low- or high-grade tragic. He’s just not been tempting fate in the same way as the others.

  5. Vo nooo!

  6. I dunno about that, Aaron seems to be on a more or less direct path for a pretty simple thing to fight a bunch of people and hope to teach his style. Pretty simple but the character was set up pretty simple as far as I can tell. I think David wants to kill a dude which is pretty easy for him. Jason will be off to all sorts of trouble, I suspect the various tasks given him by his goddess will come back somehow.

  7. Ohh great sessions these final will be. I really liked the compactness of this campaign.

  8. Look I am fond of Aaron and enjoy listening to him but nothing with him can ever play out simple.

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