Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 13

Vo, the greatest warrior of Xin's CrowsVo’s quest continues in the epilogue! Determined to strike a fatal blow against the Grey Sky Horde, Vo and the rest of Xin’s Crows fight to sabotage the food supply of the capital city. Of course, destroying the food is one thing but getting alive is entirely another. Will they make it? There’s only one way to find out!

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  1. Spoilers below, lads:

    Vo, noooooooo. Very bad-ass ending for her, as predicted. Loved that the couple kicked the shit out of the Horde separately, yet together.

    Aaron’s epilogue is next? Baller. It’s always fun to see what you throw at his noble characters. THE FIGHTING SCHOOLS IS SUDDENLY INVADED BY ZOMBIES.

    I hope Jason’s is last, because that has to be crazy as hell.

  2. The sad part is that Jerry had spent the whole winter fixing up a boat he had bought and had just finished the night before. He had planned this weekend to take it out on the lake, maybe catch a fish, and feel the wind in his hair. Alas a dream unrealized.

  3. Not zombies, ninjas. Fighting schools are invaded by ninjas. Unfortunately, since he opened a martial arts school, the only possible ending for Aaron’s character is that he becomes the sensei of a promising yet unconventional young fighter, then gets murdered by the badguy and becomes the catalyst of someone else’s revenge story.

    Maybe zombie ninjas.

  4. Great RPing here guys, loved it all, challenging fights under a time limit. a great boss fight. To me, that makes up for the more abstract fight against the Horde itself!

    RIP Vo

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