Base Raiders: Bayou Beatdown 1

This adventure shall not want for a lack of Bowie.In a continuation from Transit, the RPPR crew begins their career raiding bases! After building characters and using the collaborative base creation system, the group decides to venture to Louisiana in order to find a base rumored to have once been owned by David Bowie. Now, the base is held by a rogue alchemist who exploits magical beings in order to make his potions. The party has agreed to track the villain down and stop him before he can create an army of magically enhanced gators and gang members. Before the heroic base raiders can stop him, they first have to find the base. All they know is that is in the bayou, near a town called Paradise. You won’t believe what they encounter in this first part of the adventure! BTW, you can totes buy Base Raiders now!

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  1. Damn it, do we really need to wait 2 more AP’s to finish this fantastic romp through a bayou base?

    Also the only thing that would’ve made this greater would be a naked Sean Connery who throws infinite battle axes, just saying. XD
    (Fate point to the people who get that reference)

    Cant wait to hear the conclusion.

  2. You had me at: “a base rumored to have once been owned by David Bowie.”

  3. Isn’t this the same thing as the script for the new Jason Statham movie homefront?

  4. is this really only a minicampaign? ALL THE SADS. far and away my favorite Ross games ever, these BR APs, combining the farce of RIFTS with an actual game system the players can take seriously-ish and a setting they are cognitively capable of visualizing. I threw down for the Kickstarter ’cause I wanted the preview APs, but damn. you’ve created a wonderful jumble of ideas here, Ross PAYTON.

  5. Just started the episode but two questions pop up;

    1- did those pomegranate stains ever come out?

    2- With this and Nights Black Agents Game does Ross get a sponsership from Denny’s?

  6. Author

    I’m glad you guys like Base Raiders so far! Everyone was really running on all cylinders for these games. To answer some questions:

    1. I will keep running Base Raiders until mid-January at least, when I leave for another trip to China. I’m trying not to run long campaigns anymore, because of the risk of a failed campaign.

    2. The stains did come out.

    3. I do not currently have a sponsorship from Denny’s, but if given one, I would fit a Denny’s in every game, regardless of genre or practicality.

  7. Keep the content coming and I hope you enjoy China.

    And let me be the first to say that I eagerly await the next Iron Heros game that take place exclusively in a Denny’s.

  8. I miss China! if you hit Nanjing, don’t miss 1912! if you hit Shanghai, does the sun still look like a demon orb in the sky?

  9. I only just noticed Bowie’s hair blowing in the image.

  10. Getting to experience a game of Base Raiders with powers available at the start is pretty cool (and clears up a few of the things I was stumbling over). This is a really good AP.

  11. Slow clap for Sparkles the unicorn. The sort of unicorn I expect to be driving a van with no windows and the hand written free candy sign.

  12. Also digging the new top banner art. Is that Thad’s first character incarnation (science ghost??) from Hero’s of New Arcadia second from the left?

    In other news I do wonder if any other Fate game has ever had the aspect of Just the Tip invoked.

  13. @Tim

    I’m sure. Aspects are supposed to boil down to laconic, possibly pithy, statements which are easy to remember and pull in. Great if you have snarky characters, you can phrase the Aspect as something you could say about yourself.

    Like, “The Building was on fire, and it wasn’t my fault.”

  14. But ross you didn’t answer my question, Is this the same plot as the new Jason Statham movie homefront? It takes place in Louisana, Obviously name changes, the bad guy in homefront is named Gator-bo-dine, pretty sure I saw air boats and a 1′ tall amphiban in the trailer!

  15. Author

    1. Yes, that is Ghost Robot in the banner.

    2. For the record, I have not seen Homefront. However, upon reading your description, I will have to watch it.

  16. I admit, when I heard about the actual concept of base raiders, I thought that hero-style dungeon crawling was weaksauce. I’m still not totally sold on it, in that I feel it’ll get repetitive, but I’m not generally doing dungeon crawls so that’s probably why.

    HOWEVER, the creation style of bases is very interesting, a fully collaborative effort that not only puts full control in the player’s hands, but also subtly leans on players that they need research skills to influence the layout.

    That’s a clever concept, takes a lot of work off of the GM, and ensures that the dungeon crawl itself is entertaining for the players. It’s a sign of how gaming has changed to a collaborative effort these last few years, the FATE system being another good example of the shift to storytelling combat, as opposed to ‘dare ye survive the dungeon’ style.

    So, in short, pretty cool, looking forward to more.

  17. Yellow Submarine… King In Yellow… shieeeet
    just throwing that out there ^^

  18. Have you considered putting up a “Quick Start Sample” package for Base Raiders? Like with Pregen characters and a quick adventure showcasing how the system works? I am kinda leery of buying a system without some way to preview it myself (beyond these awesome casts)

    Mainly cause if I like it I would buy the physical copy πŸ˜‰

  19. @Ross Payton – Thank ya sir I will check it out when I am not buried in work haha

  20. The rumor mill generating the base is brilliant way of not only derailing sanity but taking that metaphorical train & putting jet boots on it sending it off into the wilderness.

    So much wrongness in this & now really hating unicorns for some reason.

  21. @Darren T

    Not only is the rumor mill great for going off the rails on the crazy train, it also guarantees that the base will be unique. After all, could any ONE of us come up with all of that? On another note, it also means that the base’ll be one the players enjoy (since we all helped to generate the insanity.)

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