Base Raiders: The Hedge Wizard

The Hedge Wizard: villain or critique of the average player character? You be the judge.News: The Hedge Wizard is now available for sale. Get your copy today!

In this episode, the ragtag band of base raiders are given a mission from the Underground to find Peter Silvertail, who is suspected of double murder. The raiders quickly realize there’s more to the case than finding a magical rabbit lawyer on the lam. Secret bases, a kidnapped unicorn, and a corrupt federal agent are only the start of their problems. Can they unravel this tangled web or will the blade in the dark catch up to them?

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  1. Wow, a Boot to the Head reference. FTW! Apparently he still didn’t learn patience.

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  3. have I ever mentioned before that Chrome autocompletes my address when I put my email in this comment form? it totally does and it’s totally weird.

    I AM DRIVEN TO COMMENT ONLY HALF AN HOUR IN: wait a second, are these Mythos ghouls? in the Heroes of New Arcadia continuity, which features Abrahamic Heaven and Hell? and Norse gods? truly this is a comic book universe

    must give +1 to Tom for his “Moment” as a German, very true to life. if you want to really capture the English-speakers-don’t-usually-know-that subtleties of German English, you can say “or?” at the end of sentences where in standard English we’d say “right?” definitely the most adorable and least publicized common error die Deutsche make speaking English.

    WHY DID THE VIOLET VISION GO AWAY. I still loved him, whatever the state of her aspects!

    seriously only thirty minutes into the game at this point I’ll probably have more to gush later

  4. In the spirit of playtesting, I decided that I should make a different character in order to learn a bit more about how the skills work together in a different flavor. This was just an attempt to try a different skill set out.

    Violet Vision’s still kicking around, he was just getting a mani/pedi at the time of this adventure

  5. Base Raiders games continue to be very interesting, I like a lot of character concepts (which is big for FATE) and how everyone interacts with each other and the setting.

    Gotta say, my enjoyment of this one was surprisingly impacted near the end when Ross kind of storycock-blocked Aaron with the gas.

    A( Because that’s totally not how sedation works and B(It seems against the grain for a system like FATE and a non-grimdark setting like Base Raiders to just floor a player with narrative consequence when there’s a perfectly good mechanical model for what you’re doing (Stress). If you’re gonna be arbitrary, you can at least be mechanically arbitrary, and have Aaron take stress damage and deal with it within the system. You could make it Weapon:4 knockout gas if you really want to knock them out.

  6. we have those same lawyer commercials, they’re stock use apparently, which is why you never see someone actually say the law firm’s name on screen, they just dub it in.

    Over here it’s Keller & Keller or a few others

  7. I love Base Raiders so god-damn much.

    The PC and NPC (played by players) interactions are hilarious.

    I’m a little surprised the team didn’t try and take out the two killers when they were fighting each other.

    Omega: When a GM details in at least 4 different ways why a specific course of action is exceedingly difficult and directly detrimental to one’s character and every other player at the table recognizes that GM is saying ‘if you do this, you’re totally boned’ and the player goes ahead and does it anyway, it’s no story cock-blocking. It’s a player deliberating disregard fair warning and slapping a big red button labeled ‘plot bomb’.

  8. I, uh, don’t think that was knockout gas. Or that Aaron’s character was knocked out.

  9. I’m going to (already do?) miss Jason so much.


  10. Omega, that there was nerve gas. Of the “kills you dead” variety.

  11. Yeah, I figured that out later guys, thanks. Personally, that just raises further complications and questions about that, especially given that the reason not to use VX or Sarin gas actually happened (Thanks, Obama), but also I would have definitely just used Weapon:4 gas. 1) That keeps things behind the curtain, so to speak. The PC would have no idea they aren’t about to actually die for sure if you use the mechanics and keep it serious, and 2) Regardless of forewarning, I personally find it much worse to arbitrarily (adj. “based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.”) use the narrative to inflict the horrible consequences I desire than to use the mechanical system of the game. It’s a philosophical difference, I suppose, since what Ross did and what I would do have the same result, we just arrive by different avenues.

    Also, when I said “story-cockblock”, I’m not referring to “Aaron pushed the button and something bad happened!” I’m referring to “Okay, now make a single Athletics check to leave before you inhale some gas (Not some kind of endurance to not breathe?), oh you failed one roll you black out and are dead except you aren’t really, so why did I have you roll dice in the first place if there weren’t actually any consequences I could have just said whatever but I guess I had to maintain illusion of choice, or something” (Note: I’m sure Ross’ actual reasoning for everything is more sound than this, and probably involves some of him making things up on the fly, I’m just picking on the parts of the situation that bothered me). Again, philosophical difference, where I’ve picked up my style from personal preference based on my own experience with FATE and games like it, and from observing other people play FATE or talk about running it. I suppose Ross doesn’t rub elbows as much with the “Say “yes” or roll the dice” crowd.

  12. Oh my gosh. I think Withered Servant (Phil) is my new favorite Caleb character.

  13. Withered Servant had me in stitches. “Am I being lead to a precipice? A sweet, sweet precipice?”

    Also loved Tom as ‘Quaid’.

    Poor Aaron, I feel bad for how that ended. He really does seem to end up in awful situations.

  14. Is Sparkles the Unicorn getting his own spin off show? The people demand it!

  15. Annual! League of Extraordinary NPCs. Balgrin wins Phil in a game of poker. Now he and Sparkles decide to work together on a mission… to enslave humanity once and for all!

    If you end up doing like a magical metaphysical trial for humanity game with Aaron at the center defending the goodness of mankind, Balgrin should be the attorney for the other side, or maybe an expert witness. “So easily corruptible, yes yes yes yes yes!”

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