Better Angels: The Spared and the Spoiled episode 1

Well, shit :/Caleb’s new campaign begins with a bang! A group of unlikely protagonists is imbued with demonic superpowers after a group of supervillains die during an attack on a charter school, the Brighter Futures Academy. Unfortunately, not all of the villains died, so the newly empowered antiheroes must fight an experienced foe only minutes after receiving their powers. What slew the original villains? Who are the new superhumans? There’s only one way to find out!

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  1. Finally! It sees light!

  2. aaah! it’s reeeal! this was HILARIOUS as usual and sounds like it might be satisfyingly dark, too. best combination! I love the write what you know angle, too. was this the campaign that got interrupted when you guys were annoyed at people missing sessions meaning screwtapes weren’t around?

  3. @crawkill yeah this is the one. But we got back together and finished it up, thankfully. It’s explained in the beginning of episode 2.

  4. Awesome episode, can’t wait to see where this goes.

  5. Legion is the best. He’s like a ‘Best of RPPR’ all rolled into one character.

    Better Angels is very interesting, I am glad to see a campaign starting for this!

  6. I would have loved to have a lot more of the hanging out at the school, that was entertaining like nothing else.

  7. I love Jason’s demon, though at first I thought it was a kindly grandmother.

  8. So sad I missed this game

  9. This was an amazing first game, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the campaign! πŸ˜€

  10. This game will forever been known to me as The Game That Reveals Caleb’s (Totally Legitimate) Frustrations With Teaching. I used to teach small classes (about 15 at most) of children (ages 3ish-10ish) ballet for 45 mins to an hour a couple of times a week and that was exhausting enough. Massive respect to anyone who does teaching as their day job, past and present.

    As happy as I would have been just to listen to school shenanigans, for they were as hilarious as always, this game won my heart with the return of The Defenestrator and it just kept getting better after that.

    I’ll be counting every second towards the next part of the campaign, the more I hear of One Roll Engines, the more I like them.

  11. @Jadzia true enough, his frustrations were apparent. The Defenestrator throwing someone in a window, then out the other window was pretty spot on.

    The one roll engine is a bit weird to me still, but I’d like to see more people use ‘go first’ and ‘powerful shot’ moves.

    One Roll makes more sense to me than the Dirty World ruleset, at least, and I’m familiar with the engine due to the Heroes of New Arcadia game.

  12. RPPR is now sufficiently all-encompassing that a ballet teacher feels understood by a host of dicetossing nyerds! how can this be anything but a wonderful thing? GO HEBANON. (and when are we gonna see Fall Without End posted here, Ross Payton!)

  13. It really was entertaining. The school stuff mostly but also the whole cast of characters. Looking forward to this campaign.

  14. @crawlkill

    Ballet and Jane Austen were my two traditionally girly things. Saturdays used to be ballet class all day then off to Cyberpunk all night πŸ˜€

    I love any form of story telling so the interactive nature of creating a story within an rpg was like finding the holy grail.

  15. What are lanyards? Or however that is spelled?

  16. Is there a place where you guys posted your character sheets? If not, could you please?

  17. I’ve just started listening to this and love it. I’ve also recently started reading “No Soul Left Behind,” making it all the more delicious. Cannot wait to hear the rest of them. Thanks!

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