Base Raiders: Taskforce Darknet

Agent Grayson: Corruption, abuse of legal authority, and superpowers - all in a day's work B-)News: New Base Raiders PDF supplement released. Get Agent Grayson today! In a continuation of the plot from Bayou Beatdown, the group of heroic Base Raiders who rescued Elizabeth have a new opportunity. In order to create a new body for their ghost friend, Lonnie, the base raiders must help the scientist Iconoclast find the location of a base before the FBI does. Only a small time dealer of super soldier drugs knows where the base is and he does not want to share it with others. Furthermore, the FBI is investigating the dealer and it’s only a matter of time before they try to arrest him. Before the dealer escapes via teleportation, the raiders need to locate the base. Of course, finding the base is only half the fun!

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  1. Great stuff as always guys. Yay Sparkles!

  2. pff, verdigris was totally my first guess for the password! gotta go with colors.

    VO LIVES ON IN DOCTOR WHITE. why aren’t you making fortunes on Wall Street Caleb is your work toppling third world dictatorships so important

    I can only deduce how Fate works from people I’ve heard playing it, but isn’t “I Know What I’m Doing” a little lamely broad for an aspect? seems like it could apply to anything, and has. I think in the Silver Dollar Steve adwenture it was used to break a magicable spell, and this time it was used for an empathy roll? and again to herd cats! you’re better than that, David! it doesn’t even alliterate!

    goofy little complaints aside I continue to lub Base Raiders. it’s just on the precipice of A Little Too Zany/”Nerd Random” but it never goes over. the connections with Heroes of New Arcadia are, like, weirdly sweet, too.

  3. @crawlkill

    Actually, in FATE, there isn’t as much call for Aspects to be super-specific, unlike things in games usually are. In fact, if your aspect is too specific, it could easily end up as dead weight because you never see it used. You want Aspects which can be applied to large sections of what your character might do. Skills and Stunts are for specificity. Much more important is phrasing Aspects which can both be invoked and compelled. If “I Know What I’m Doing” is such an integral part of David’s character that it fills a limited mechanical slot I’d say it’s fair game.

  4. @Crawlkill

    “I know what I’m doing” as an aspect; he’s supremely overconfident and very sure of his knowledge. That’s how an artifact that was purported to grant mystical vision got lodged in his face, how he got hooked up with the Underground instead of a reputable organization, and how he got involved in the hunt for Silverdollar Steve.

    It’s a double-edged sword, like a proper aspect should be. I can invoke it for a bonus on rolls at the cost of a Fate point, but I can’t back out of a challenge involving knowledge because “I know what I’m doing.”

    Other aspects I’ve got include “Man In Purple.” It is useable whenever I’m wearing purple (which is every second of every day) so it’s even MORE “lamely broad” than the other one.

    Then again, it’s MY personal aspect. It’s on the first page of my copy of Base Raiders right above Ross’s signature. A gift from the author; I’ll use that insanely broad aspect in every game if I can.

  5. Okay david, I have to admit, I’m very curious.

    What sort of compels might you get out of “Man In Purple”? Has Ross compelled that aspect and I not noticed? Because while normally I might doubt the efficacy of “Man In Purple” as an Aspect, its probably perfectly in tune with the Base Raiders setting, and honestly now I’m just curious. “I Want To Know” would be a perfect Aspect to represent myself.

  6. “I’m going to blend into this crowd of people-”
    “Nope! Man In Purple; you’re not blending with squat. Since the building’s color scheme isn’t 50 shades of grape, you’re not hiding by sidling up to the wall, either.”

    Basically, when you wear enough purple you can forget doing anything subtle. You’re also going to be remembered for it where people might forget someone else.

    “Remember that time you threw a brick through that window? Yyyyyeah, so do the six to ten eyewitnesses. They all saw a man in a purple suit, and at least three of them know enough details to pick you out of a crowd.”

  7. So now I want a doctor pepper. I hope you’re happy you filthy corporate shills!

  8. Aaron’s Bee and Puppycat reference made me go Aaahhh…

  9. How has no character asked Aaron if he is a ESPE agent. He has to tell them if he is.

    Also for some reason the line:

    Yo dogg I hear you like Aaron line slayed me. I may need to up my medication.

  10. Man, now I’m just imagining the followup solo adventure: Super Deathbot vs. the Zombie Factory!

  11. Wasn’t the Undead Cat Parliament a monster friend from one of the previous Monsters and Other Childish Things games? I mean, it’s no cat squished by a car terrorizing a group of small children, but it is pretty meowvelous. Remember, Tabbythoth is lulled to sleep by the mewling and paw kneading of the Undead Cat Parliament.

  12. Yes, that’s where the Parliament of Undead Felines is from. And it is fantastic.

  13. the Parliment of Undead Cats…I know I have the acronym wrong, POOCA? It needs to show up when you next play Call of Cathulu.

  14. Plus man in purple makes it impossible to win a Johnny Cash lookalike contest.

  15. “I’ve been burned before. I don’t think you got what it takes.”

    Brilliant. Choked on my candy bar.

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