Base Raiders: Boiling Point – part 2

teeth-webNews: Please support our latest Kickstarter, Boiling Point! This is the conclusion of the RPPR playtest of the adventure and if you contribute to the Kickstarter, you will get a chance to playtest it as well.

Synopsis: Professor White and his band of base raiders have found a network of underwater bases off the coast of New York, now populated with a race of alien shark people known as the Selachius. The base raiders must prevent the aliens from invading Earth while also making a profit looting the bases. Instead of trying to defeat all of the warriors, the raiders try to reason with them. Will their audacious attempt at diplomacy work? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of Boiling Point!

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  1. go buy his book!

    the thought I had at the end for a soundbite was a depiction of a megalodon jaw in an aquarium just ripped from Google with kids running around it or standing in it with the comment “Our primitive ancestors outlived this. Just think how we’ll outlive you.”

  2. Aaron’s corny accent is almost as delicious as Caleb’s compulsive social engineering habit.

  3. Invasion taxes. If only it was a real thing.

  4. I can’t wait for this to succeed so I can play it with some friends, also I love the translation device

  5. I cannot wait to run this scenario. It really hits on all the things Base Raiders does well. Back the Kickstarter, people!

  6. Also, Professor White compelling himself to protect the corpse of Chrome Beard is one example of Fate at its best.

  7. The Sharkmunicator was MVP of episode.

  8. Personally, I think that Darkest Timeline Jacques Cousteau might be MVP of this game. The fact that he survived this entire adventure baffles and amazes me to no end.

  9. Put me down as surprised that AfterImage may come back. I assumed she’d cash out and run off to the Caribbean or somewhere.

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