Trail of Cthulhu: The Final Revelation – The Dying of St Margarets

The-Final-Revelation-cover_300-pixelNews: There’s a little over two weeks left on Boiling Point, a new adventure for Base Raiders. Please support RPPR by contributing to this project.

Synopsis:The Final Revelation gives your Investigators the opportunity to play through a Purist campaign set in the United Kingdom of the 1930s where there is no escape, no comfort and no salvation when faced with the Mythos. Your Investigators are powerless and insignificant; your only choices death, insanity or a quiet life with a shattered mind In the first part of this mini-campaign, a group of scholars investigates the history of a remote Scottish island of St Margaret’s. They find a record of death and madness, as a group of investigators sought out a missing friend on the island. What they found was something far more sinister than they ever imagined.

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  1. If you’re taking ToC requests, I’d love “Dead White World.”

  2. Seconded. I want to see what Caleb as a pc would do during an actual apocalypse. If I remember journey to the city correctly, it’s sacrifice Aaron and go insane.
    Now, I haven’t listened to this episode yet, so that might happen here. If so, well, history repeats itself.

  3. Yes!! The dying of st Margaret is amazing, cant wait to see how this plays.

  4. omg Final Revelation is here I woke up and realized I haven’t listened to the latest Night Vale and that it has another live out too and was gonna do those first but no I need this first I need it right now

  5. Holy shit.

    I’m gonna love this campaign.

  6. I reeeally like the frame story campaign conceit. kill everyone every session and still have some continuity! a little iffy on the adventure itself…kinda just a “show up, hang around, get crazy” setup. I’m fine with PCs not being able to fix mythos matters–I’m kinda all about that, actually–but they didn’t even get any hope dangled in front of em here. they didn’t even have any striving that -could- fail.

    still fun to listen to, of course. I loved the guy who caved in on being touched. is there much continuity between the oneshots? I mean, do they actually paint a greater picture when taken together, or is it just a bunch of bad shit that happens?

  7. Author

    The Final Revelation is a framing device to link 4 scenarios that were originally written as one shots, so take that for what you will.

  8. just another thing we mortals can’t comprehend, I guess. the ultimate cop-out, but kinda thematically necessary. all my outer ladies, all my outer ladies~ if you liked it then you shouldn’a summoned Yog Sothoth~

  9. Loved it! Who do I pay to get the next episode faster?

  10. Excellent game. This is going to be the Hallowe’en one-shot for my regular group, but I might just use the framing device and see if they want to play the other three scenarios in this collection.

  11. What Benjamin said!

    The next episode cannot come fast enough!

    The Final Revelation is an excellent and damn creepy campaign and can’t wait to find out how this plays with you guys!

  12. Great episode, though, I think this showed some of the inherent issues with the Dying scenario. Definitely looking forward to the rest as I think they largely correct those issues.

  13. The Final Revelation: The “Marble Hornets” ending meant “Everything is fine… the Movie is coming soon.”

    A Great Episode! Cant wait for the next.

  14. As an Englishman I can confirm everything in this podcast is 100% factual.

  15. That was a lot of run to listen to! I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  16. Awesome game. The anticlimax was fantastic and works well with the drives.

    But as an Australian, i would contest the fact that cricket can’t be an intense game.

    Witness the bodyline tour of the ’30s, where the British team adopted a style of bowling designed to injure Australian batsmen.

    That, said even a stupidly intimidating bowler like Shane Warne is unlikely to give you a compound fracture and these kids didn’t sound like Warne material.

    Their sledging is even weak. To quote Warne: “Know why i’m fat? Cause your mum gives me a biscuit every time I **** her.” And then he throws a heavy leather ball at your head for two hours.

  17. Great fun to listen to; it does seem like your players would have to be in the right mindset for such a purist game to really work.

    “I said if I lost the keys one more time I’d end it.”
    “A man’s only as good as his word..”
    were the best lines for me.

  18. I love the framing device and the 1st scenario. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Great RP all around. Such a fucking bleak adventure though. If you want me, I’ll be over in the corner, gibbering softly.

  19. I’m enjoying theAP so far, but for the love of god could the open-mouthed chip-muncher please lean further away from the microphone while eating? At times the munchmunchmunch-rattle-rattle-munch is louder than the dialogue.

  20. Why are they spending for every clue? That’s not how it works, spending gives extra benefits. Not basic clues.

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