Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 5

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Synopsis: The gatecrashers turned Firewall agents have infiltrated the Hidden Concern, a powerful organized crime group of octopus uplifts. They must find out as much about Loren Kristol’s plan as possible. To do so, they must navigate the treacherous underworld, both figuratively and literally. They are miles below the surface, in enclosed pods and surrounded by murderous gangsters. Will they ever see the light again? Find out in the conclusion of the Ceres chapter of Duality!

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  1. the image of the whale tugging the crew through the black while whalesong-mourning its Frankenstein cousin was nice and eerie.

  2. I prefer the image of a whale soulfully mourning his frankisteinian brother all while trailing a psychic octorilla blinking “EAT AT JOES” through the briny deeps. That seems to just sum up all that EP is.

  3. Best use of Sparticus

  4. I’m really digging that guest GM for this session. I never would have guess that Harvey Fierstein was a RPPR member.

  5. It was nice of the whale not to explode the PCs with his mourning song.

    Also I blame The Laundry but when someone was said to “work in Obfuscation” I assumed it was a department and not a station.

  6. As much as I’m often exasperated my Aarons choices I have to commend him for realizing one of few instances where his style of telling every secret to the NPC actualy worked out.

  7. I like the variety of Ex-threats you guys are dealing with. Not just OMFG TITAN-BASED horrors.

    Anticlimactic, but nonetheless, very cool ending.

  8. Author

    The Hidden Concern aren’t even an ex-threat. They just want to expand their criminal empire and they need better morphs for that. The uplifts may hate humans, but they have no plans to wipe them out. That would be bad for business.

  9. Oh, I was thinking of Leviathan as the Ex-threat, but maybe it was just more of a monster…?

  10. Further proof that if one was ever going to engage in larceny don’t bring Aaron along.

  11. Author

    Late comment but I see Ex-threats as threats to all of transhumanity – the TITANs or the Know Evil virus, for example. Leviathan was only dangerous in its native environment. It couldn’t wipe out everyone in the solar system. Firewall would still want it dead, but it’s not an ex-threat.

  12. Since it has beem driving me crazy: hydrostatic pressure on ceres is uniform, it does not increase with depth. If it’s 1atm at the ‘surface’, it will be 1atm near the ‘core’.
    That aside, thanks for keeping me amused at work. I go through audiobooks pretty fast (between 2 and 4 per week), so these sessions are a godsend. It may even inspire me to get my act together and deploy my own campaign.

  13. I love all the EP games and the characters in this one, but man, something about the description of the underwater lab and the Leviathan at the end really got to me.

    There’s Dr. Lucre working himself to exhaustion with only the Leviathan and his regret for company. And the Leviathan – I picture that many of the Hidden Concern volunteers didn’t think too much about what would happen to their forks that become the Leviathan. But the new gestalt creature is a broken, confused thing kept from doing the violence it was designed to do until its own destruction. All this in the lightless environment miles below the ice where no one will ever know about it.

    Well done.

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