Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 4

upliftoctopusFirewall’s newest team of field agents has been sent to Ceres, a dwarf planet in the main belt, in order to continue their investigation regarding project TALISMAN. It seems that Loren Kristol, the man who escaped from the Mirrored Pillar, has sent out forks throughout the solar system to pursue a mysterious agenda. Thanks to an undercover Firewall agent, they know Kristol is trying to recruit talented morph designers that are currently working for the Hidden Concern, a totally legitimate business enterprise controlled by octopus uplifts. First, the team needs to infiltrate the organization, which is easier said than done.

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  1. Seriously… its been a long time since I posted but I honestly can not fathom the way you treated Tom’s gun! Rail guns may not be real but they still have parts and feelings. Tom should truly be ashamed since his German undertones should have came threw and clearly new the names of the parts of the guns! Worse episode ever!!!!!

  2. railguns are actually highly lethal. I know it’s sort of an RPPR in-joke, “does this smell like hyperconductive metal magnetically accelerated down a tube to you?”, but without extremely careful application by a trained medical professional casual use of railguns can easily kill the patient.

    “drinking the kool-aid is not the end” should be the EP tagline

  3. So how did they go from the planet to Ceres? Did they just farcast through a gate?

  4. Guns? You mentioned WHALES.

    When Tom’s vacsuit was punctured by enough bullets that it might take more than 3 rounds to repair, someone brought up suffocation.

    Whales can go hours without breathing. Even an orca, which is on the low side, has twenty minutes on average, and a neo-orca morph (which I think Tom was using) comes standard with an oxygen reserve.

    Since the fight was basically in a vacuum, this would be a bit lower, since holding your breath in a vacuum is a really bad idea. But all of whale physiology evolved to go longer with less oxygen than anything hominids have; even after exhaling to reduce the pressure difference, a whale can still store more oxygen in its blood and muscle. Given the nature of life in EP, I suspect neowhale morphs would keep this trait or have it increased (although I’m kind of surprised nobody decided to give them gills – if Caleb’s in a gorilla with gills, he could actually stay under longer than a whale).

    There’s still the whole exposure to the vacuum of space issue – low pressure and the cold of the vacuum would cause a bit of damage (blubber might help a bit with that, though), but I think the EP rules sort of waive that, at least for the first five minutes. And combat rounds are something like 3 seconds

    Also, where were the Nantucket sleighride jokes? You guys did two of the weirdest variations on a Nantucket sleighride ever – a dry sleighride with a whale on legs pulling a gorilla across the frozen surface of an ocean, and a reverse sleighride with a car pulling the whale on a literal sleigh.

    [Don’t take any of the above seriously, it’s just fun to rag on you guys after your history of getting hilariously petty criticisms. Awesome game.]

  5. So a railgun has, let’s see…

    -a rail
    -a capacitor
    -a power source (if it’s advanced enough, there might not be a need for a capacitor)
    -some kinda ammo storage thingy? Unless they’re stacked in the barrel.
    -some kind of scope or guncam, probably
    -a handle and trigger

    Probably other stuff, I don’t actually know guns. Or physics.

  6. True story: while I was listening to this session while doing the dishes, I chuckled when the crew made it to the restaurant.

    My wife was walking by and asked me what I was laughing at.

    Space whales, I replied.

    She backed away slowly and made no contact with me the rest of the afternoon.

    RPPR – Ruining marriages one episode at a time.

  7. Haha, space guns have parts! And as BulkingtonwasatrueCoCcharacter pointed out, Whales can hold their breath for a very long time.

    Unless their lungs are perforated by sniper rifles.

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