Call of Cthulhu: The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 7

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The journey of the dreamers has finally reached its end. They have returned to the waking world, but their nightmares have only begun. For one, they awake in a mental asylum far from home. It soon becomes clear that the dreamers must return to the start of their journey, to the Peach Blossom Restaurant in New York City. They have been changed forever, but they will not rest until vengeance is theirs. Find out what happens in the campaign finale of The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man!

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  1. An extremely weird adventure and whilst an enjoyable listen it was just became a little bit too much like an episode of the Muppet show and so lost some of its its scares along the way.
    The players and Ross played/ran a blinder but Caleb has got to get the M.V.P for this one as he stayed in character all the way through and seemed to remember that he was a hopeless addict which oddly enough turned out to be a great way to cope with the insanity that is the Dreamlands.

  2. And so ends an epic campaign. Well done, sirs, well done. Going out on quite the high note here.

  3. wait, did Ross leave out that Cleary’s obligation was to eat a desiccated corpse in its entirety? less walking into the moonrise, more walking into the graveyard Jamba Juice. I do like that it’s now been established that he’s trapped in a timeloop forever, though.

    this was a…really weird campaign. I feel like it had no structure at all, which is how I felt when I read part of it myself, too. just kind of a series of things that happened in a place that was hard to visualize. is that just me? even if Ross had elected to include some of the more climactic scenarios from the book (I think there’s one involving Carter that has you punch out Nyarlathotep?)…I dunno. with no real builds between episodes and the constantly cycling cast, it felt more like a series of weird oneshots with recurring stars than anything.

  4. I don’t know if it’s my attraction to the dreampunk genre and the dreamlands in general but I though that, despite a few hiccups with people not able to attend or such, this was a fun look at a setting within the mythos that many lovecraft fans either forget about or ignore. It’s suppose to be a dreamscape as much as an fantastical alien realm, continuity gets skewed.

    I also loved this end session for it’s Monty Python-esque run of horror and silly. Seriously, I wasn’t sure if this was, after 6 episode prior this whole thing wasn’t going to end in a TPK or Everyone goes to jail.

  5. I am so excited for crazy Nodens witch Amri in Masks of Nyarlathotep, it’s not even funny.

  6. I see it now.

    Amri is a Ukrainian Jewish weird fiction author. And now he’s in a woman’s body. And it’s the early 20s.

    He turns out to be Sonia Greene, doesn’t he?

  7. I cannot believe they went the whole first part of the session (wake up in the veggie ward, beat up the asshole orderly and steal his car) without making one “pussy wagon” or “buck” joke.
    That would have been my only comment but then the rest of the scenario happened and oh dear god.
    P.S. Aaron, don’t you ever change.

  8. So what are the other adventures in the Mitchum Cleary Time Loop? I know of this and Bryson Springs; are there some others that I’ve missed?

  9. And by the way, did you ever figure out why it’s called “The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man”? Not that it isn’t an amazing title, because it is.

  10. This was a weird campaign. It wasn’t as structured and sync’d up as the others. However it was the dreamlands and I would say to a great degree felt like it had the same logic from dreams I have remembered.

    After they escaped the Dreamlands it did feel like it went straight into dog punching. As entertainment it was hilarious, as a player I got a little angry (i’ve had sessions like that). I hope to see BOTH David and Caleb’s characters appear in Masks.

  11. I loved it! What a session. Caleb’s character was great, even after he lost his delusional swagger and turned into a total downer. I do hope s/he makes an encore appearance. And I wonder how much of the “if/when these crazy fools do something to end up in jail, here’s how Nyarlathotep has infiltrated the police force…” is written into the campaign.

    “You bastard!” I almost suffered physical injury from laughing so hard.

  12. I thought things might get a little anti-climatic once the dreamers returned to the waking world, but the getting arrested and jail scenes were shear gold!

  13. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time listening to an AP. A fitting end to one of my favorite RPPR campaigns. The whole campaign was wild and unpredictable, filled with Dennis Detwiller-style ruthlessness, Aaron being Aaron, and great role-playing, especially by Caleb and David.

    In what other campaign would the thing that frightens TOM CHURCH the most be. . .

    . . . three drunks.

    Yeah, this was an awesome campaign.

  14. Honestly, I kind of wanted this post-Dreamlands stuff to go on longer. Was pretty awesome to see it all come falling down for Amri, who’s lived a delusion up ’til now. Fabulous role-playing by Caleb, too.

    Not a big fan o the campaign in general. Thought it was a journey to stop Nyarlathotep from being a douche in the DL, but nope. Assumed the first attempt to leave through the forest would be unsuccessful and have the players go on a bigger quest of something, but then it got really awesome instead.

    With Jason gone, Aaron is always my favourite player in CoC, walking into danger and horror of his own volition.

  15. Fantastic episode. Went from a happy bucolic fantasy adventure to an episode of Keystone Cops and it ended as the darkest of Oz jailhouse chillers. Gugs? Ghasts? Men from Leng? Taken in stride! Stealing a car? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS ROSS?

    Loved Caleb’s and David’s character arcs.

    Who was Mitchum Cleary originally? What else should I listen to other than Bryson Springs?

    I hope you run Masks next.

  16. Omg. Caleb’s character, Amri, David’s character time loop, Tom’s drunks, and Aaron’s bad ideas.

    It was a seriously “dreamy” campaign- weird being in the Dreamlands and all. Unpredictable and hilarious at the end. Nice campaign, Ross!

  17. Enjoyed the inclusion of Jack to setup Masks. Will be interesting to see if Trail is able to tame the meat grinder.

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