Base Raiders: Boiling Point – part 1

bp-cover-webNews: Please support our latest Kickstarter, Boiling Point! It’s a brand new adventure for Base Raiders and stretch goals will include a death trap focused supplement by Caleb!

A group of base raiders are forewarned of a threat to the world, somewhere off the coast of New York. They soon realize it must come from an abandoned underwater base, the home of a missing superhero named Hot Water. The raiders want to loot the base and save the world, because they can’t spend their hard won profit, if the world is invaded by murderous shark people. Find out what happens when Professor White, The Violet Vision, and Foot High Science Guy go under the sea!

This is a playtest of the scenario and will be revised by final publication. If you back the Kickstarter, you will receive a playtest draft and have a chance to comment and help improve the final product.

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  1. Base raiders!!!* runs around with road flares.*

    Great game, and I really am looking forwards to having this adventure in hand.

    Awesome to have VV back 😀

  2. You had me at “Precambrian fish Jesus”.

  3. glad to see the return of the base raiders. I enjoy this team, mostly that Tom isn’t a combat monster this time 😉

  4. Always exciting to see Base Raiders on the site.

    Now, it’s been a while since I’ve run or played Strange FATE, but the way you guys did tiers seems different than the rules I’m familiar with from Kerberos Club. I don’t have my copy of Base Raiders handy, so I can’t be sure if this is a difference between the two books or a variant/house rule. Was this a deliberate choice or did you just not have any regular d6s sitting around?

    Also, where does Caleb’s reputation for death traps come from? I’ve seen his predilection for genius Machiavellian schemes, but I don’t think those are really the same.

  5. That would be the Know Evil campaign, Ink. Nine times out of ten, when someone says “exsurgent virus,” the context is, “Caleb tried to trick us into infecting ourselves with the exsurgent virus.”

    In fact, there’s a point where Thad flat-out asks if he should be wary of a death trap, and Caleb says, “Of course not. ‘Death trap’ is singular… and therefore incorrect.”

  6. Had to bring back VV. He’s just too fun not to.

  7. I actually encountered Tad before I ran into RPPR. he’d run a couple of Rogue Trader farces for Nerdbound. his gentle devotion to RPPR is kinda touching.

    Base Raiders is always so joyful. I backed first thing. I’d like to hear someone else running it, though. someone non-RPPR. has there been a community podcast in it?

  8. Why isn’t base raiders an adult swim show yet? Or guest stars on Rick and Morty?

  9. I’m pretty sure the way tiers worked has changed since the last Base Raiders AP, much less the Kerberos Club system.

  10. Excellent scenario Tad.

    Was I the only one wishing that one of the players would make a Sealab 2021 reference?

  11. “Yeearrrg… It burns with the power of shark”

  12. Great stuff, and I’m glad to know there’s more to come! (Cliffhanger: Will Aaron show up!?!?)

    Smart move, suggesting the addition of random Shark Warrior names. I have a hard enough time coming up with human names off the top of my head.

  13. Nice to hear more Base Raiders 🙂 Funnily first time I ran with the player lead base creating rules I also wound up building an underwater base with shark people. My base had a bit more of a mythos bent to it though, The Aqua Lad Memorial Underwater Asylum for the Incurably Insane. I have strange players…

    Anyway just wanted to talk about one of the comments I think Caleb made about all the good loot being a bit too front loaded. Agreed you probably don’t want enough stuff to buy a penthouse on the beach in the first room, but I did actually design the Asylum so all the good stuff was accessible without them having to face off against the major threat to the western seaboard (just shark people, traps, squid people, an amnesiac former solider of the Ideal, the usual stuff) . I wanted them to have a choice about how mercenary versus heroic they wanted to be. As a result we had a good scene as the characters debated what they were really there for. Was it all about the money or were they going to do some good?

    Of course since they’re player characters they eventually justified their heroism by saying they couldn’t come back for the bases copper if a giant monster spawned in it 🙂 Still it was a good scene and I think there’s something to be said making the apocalyptic events in bases optional and letting the players decided if saving the world, or part of it, is there responsibility. If they decided not to deal with the big bad just add a new aspect to the campaign “Western Coast Terrorized By Giant Shark Squid Monster”.

  14. Author

    Normally the supply room will already be looted, as a teleporting drug dealer has been visiting it for months to acquire his supplies. Since we’ve already done Taskforce Darknet in another game, it was stocked up.

  15. Oh, I’m backin’ as soon as I get paid.

  16. part two is pretty cool!

  17. Backed! Aw, yeah!

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