Base Raiders: Bayou Beatdown 2

BEHOLD THE NEO-CONFEDERATE STEAMPUNK NEO-NAZIS Due to some tactical mistakes on the part of the heroes, the villains know they are in the base. The fight is on! The ragtag group of base raiders will face a serious battle against empowered villains and their nefarious Neo-confederate steampunk gang. Joining the fight is a recently freed vampire named Elizabeth, who may help turn the tide. Unfortunately, Silver Dollar Steve, the mastermind of the gang, is nowhere in sight. Even if the players defeat the gang, they must find the alchemist before he escapes again!

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  1. XD this is more often than I’ve heard adult heterosexual males say “totes” in the past

    still lovin the goofiness. when I heard the centaur get a male pronoun I was hoping we’d get some impossibly off-color shit about milking him, but I guess SOME of us just won’t go there for art Ross PAYTON

  2. I fear the depths of depravity we have grown to expect maybe a thing of the past. In the vampire drugs trip Nights episode at the broken rings not a single player (not even Jason) made an interdimentional glory hole joke.

    I only hope another drunken Fiasco game will get posted to restore my faith in their commitment to the art of toilet humor.

  3. “That doesn’t rule Zeus out.” This is the funniest/best game in a while.

  4. Last comment seems to have been eaten.

    Anyhow, the best game in a while, this is selling me hard on Base Raiders (as opposed to a more New Arcadia style).

    Also, arachnids are not color blind.

  5. Yeah…”That doesn’t rule out Zeus.” I laughed as hard as Aaron did.

  6. Steve is so bad at fire!

  7. MORE F.U.P.A.!

  8. I was finally able to listen to this session.

    Arch Aryanid might be the greatest villain ever.

  9. I’ve been listening to the back sessions of Base Raiders at work. This was by far my favorite session so far. Caleb’s Man-Gator interaction with Arch Aryanid was hilarious from beginning to end.

    Ross did an amazing job creating the Bowie base from the table suggestions. I can’t wait to try out the base creation rules with my own group!

  10. I umm Caleb. Aaron just complained about White using drugs, and being so flexible on his moral stance, along with a lot of other details. I don’t think she has any issue with him being homeless.

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