Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 14

SHIT JUST GOT REALThe epilogue continues with a martial arts tournament! Even though only one of the Crows is participating in the tournament, the rest have decided to aid their comrade behind the scenes. Can their schemes guarantee victory? With special guest Tom role playing as the announcer for the tournament, this episode is not to be missed!

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  1. man, Vo lives on through her blacksmith! maybe it was this guy coming up with the double Hamlets all along, just letting her implement them?

  2. So, Caleb = probate no matter the era. (When I started listening to RPPR I thought he was a probate lawyer.)

    Also, that was really funny and kind of tonal whiplash from Vo’s epilogue.

  3. I actually kind of want Ross to run an asynchronous game, where Aaron is given all the resources of a massive multi-national corporation and an object to protect and Caleb is given a spoon, some rubber bands and a unicycle and a goal to steal the object. Neither player is allowed to know what the other is doing.

  4. Cannot believe there isn’t more praise for this episode.
    The CHILD! Oh I remember when this was spoken of during an anecdote and I kept waiting, and waiting.

    I was shoveling muck out of a parking lot and laughing and shouting the whole time I listened. Jason and his sadistic flame traps! Holy Geez! GOLD Gentlemen, Fucking GOLD.

  5. I was rooting for Aaron to flip the table and just walk away. Don’t let them take you down with them Aaron.

  6. Also, there will be an epilogue for David right?

  7. Aaron’s Randy Savage imitation alone made this worthwhile. Being a fan of techie stuff, I am sort of surprised he doesn’t use a d20 virtual die or something.

  8. Best ever.

    “Describe the child.”

    Oh, great stuff lol

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