Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 2

The Great Empire cares not for your architectural feasibility studiesXin’s Crows set off to find their fortune, following the Imperial Army as they march to confront the Grey Sky Horde. First they must pass through the underground kingdom, a massive network of tunnels carved through a mountain. As the Crows make their way through the twisty tunnels, they find the Great Empire can be as dangerous in the ‘civilized’ parts as it is in the frontier. Can the Crows avoid the thieves, slavers, and other threats in the darkness of the underground? Find out in the second episode of the Fortunes of War!

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  1. Don’t turn back now, Aaron!

  2. Calib is a monster for not giving reasonable odds (10:1?) on his bet.

  3. 2:50 mark. Thank you Caleb I’m doing fine.

  4. “Go through the fucking door, Aaron”

    Aaron’s decision-making and dice-rolls make for some of the best moments in RPPR history. Caleb’s betting and the group reactions are amazing. My belly aches.

  5. Caleb wants to have his javelins on him during his morning jog and Ross caves.
    Was it RJ? Wanted his armor in EP and Caleb gives him a hard time for it.

    Now who’s the monster? ;P

  6. Ahhh. So this is where my honeymoon ends. It was a good run while it lasted ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. you gotta train like you play, man! how could Ross have beaten back an argument like that? XD I think this was one of the most tabletalk-hilarious sessions you guys have had. so excite to be getting to new Iron Heroes stuff!

  8. Excellent session. As much as I love Aaron’s moment, I think my favorite part of this is the impromptu court scene. It really showed the cultural aspects of the world and was a great bit of roleplaying.

  9. I have only just started this episode, but even if the argument is a little weak, Caleb has the right of it. Soldiers through history practice and exercise in full gear. Roman Legionnaires were famous for training marches while carrying their shitloads of gear. It’s no sweat for a warrior (especially if relatively lightly equipped as is) to go out for a morning training regiment loaded with gear.

    (Okay, the only reason why I think the argument was weak is because Caleb referenced professional sports, not historical facts. Or that scene in Generation Kill.)

  10. Wait, Tom isn’t in this one either? Is he not taking part in this campaign? Sad face.

  11. best hidden line in the game,

    Caleb: “Okay, so there might be some ‘swear to me’ coming.”

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