Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 27

You know how movie trailers sometimes show scenes that don't make the final cut of the movie?In this special episode, Jason takes the reins of the campaign (because Ross was in China at the time) and runs a game inspired by Days of Future Past! The Heroes of New Arcadia are thrown into the future, possibly an alternate one or possibly the predestined future and things aren’t going so well. In this brutal grimdark dystopia, the Heroes have become villains or have died. Find out what caused the damage and how the heroes of the past can save the future!

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  1. Oh, man. First time I get to hear Jason being behind the GM-screen. So excited.

  2. Who’s GMing? Bear is GMing?! How can this be?!

  3. Jason’s a bear? Hmmm. Nice.

  4. not bad! Jason, you sound eerily like Ross while you’re doing your crazyNPC voice.

  5. I really dig the art for the image of this episode. Who’s the artist? The monster is great, very fucked up, and cool looking.

  6. Pretty cool but I kind of want to ask what the deal with the secrets was, things like who was imprisoned and who was in the armor etc. Why were they put out as a mystery?

    But I like Jason as GM, for some reason he’s good at describing the bleak future.

  7. @crawlkill I didn’t know I sounded like Ross. I’m not sure how to take that, but since he’s a horrible monster, I’ll probably take that as a compliment on my horribleness.

    @Journ-O-LST-3 For the most part the mysteries were kept to allow the PCs something to discover and because the future heroes worried how much should be revealed. I was kind of working from that whole temporal philosophy of a person should not know too much about his or her own future. Chirop was so different that I figured they could meet him without causing a Back to the Future catastrophe. I originally had the Prometheus part as a mystery since I thought Caleb was playing. I didn’t modify it as I should have during the game, but my thought on the character evolution had the loss of humanity turn the former hero into an indifferent god. Hence, the new moniker of the Titan who brought light to the world and was punished for it. The Steel Liberator was more for Aaron’s sake. I wanted it to provide some hope of reconciliation between Jamal and Adam. In short, I wanted to show how the world would change if the heroes didn’t band together and failed to overcome their own hubris or flaws.

  8. Good job Jason, this was cool.

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