Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 26

Now imagine she's as tall as Godzilla D:The Heroes of New Arcadia find out that the secret weapon of the Collective is a massive construct made of thousands of grimoires – books of magic. The construct, The Lady of Darkness, is capable of altering reality on a massive scale and could threaten the entire world if she isn’t stopped. As powerful as the heroes are, can they stop a being of unprecedented magical power? Even if they deal with the Collective, a civil war is brewing between the human-run governments and the superhuman ones. The Heroes of New Arcadia are the only ones who can stop the war before it begins. Find out what happens as the cosmic tier draws closer to its conclusion!

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  1. I like how Ross sounds so happy when he turns to Aaron and asks what he’s doing in DC.

  2. As soon as Aaron said ‘I’m going to hang out with the celebrities’ I knew what the outcome would be.

    Never change, Steel Centurion.

  3. “how do you respond to allegations that you were the armorer for the Robot Assassin?”
    Aaron you so smooth

  4. Fun episode. I enjoy when a group actually agrees on how they want things to go and is willing to work together to get there. Impressive compromising from Caleb and everybody else. I wish I had players who could do this sort of thing.

    Also, apparently I need to work on my reputation with the RPPR crew. Jason mentioned my reply post to the Anderson Island game and I heard almost everyone reply with “oh”. As much as my ego enjoys even a time quiet name drop I’m kinda ashamed that that was the reaction to me. Anderson Island part 2 was way better.

  5. Does Aaron die?

  6. Steel Centurion starting the Scum lifestyle.

  7. @Tad Honestly I don’t even remember what I said. That was before GenCon last year.

  8. @Jason: Yeah it was a long time ago; I had to go back and read my own comment to remember it. The timing of it just seemed to kill the conversation which made me make one of those chuckling groan sounds. Speaking of GenCon I’m going to try and be more able to hang out with you guys if you’ll have; I was pretty tied up last year. Oh, and my brother will be back again too. Don’t know if you remember him but he remembers you.

  9. Why was a U.S. Senator at the pundits’ party?!

  10. Sadly I won’t be there this year. I’m trying to get myself a teaching gig, which will most likely require me to start earlier being a first time teacher.

  11. I like how the players let Ross get away with cheating in order for him to feel like you guys are actually paying to accomplish your goals. It gives an organic, off the cuff kind of feel when Ross sounds like he’s pulling numbers out of his butt, that is most assuredly more relaxing than the kind of frontloaded GMing that I have to do.

  12. “I jump onto her leg to attack her achilles heel!” Gold.

  13. I When I heard “everything seems normal” a chill went up my Spine. I swear that is the worst thing One can ever hear from a GM.

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