Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 25

Paragon and Fetch from the upcoming Base Raiders RPGIn this episode of the cosmic tier, the heroes tackle the Collective! The organization is now a twisted cult of the Remnant, the elder cosmic being which nearly unmade the universe. The Collective seeks to continue the job left unfinished by their patron god and will stop at nothing to accomplish it. Only the Heroes of New Arcadia can stop them, but that’s easier said than done. They possess incredibly technological and magical resources and intend to use them. Find out what secrets they still have left to spring!

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  1. Well I won’t be sleeping tonight. Goddamnit Ross.

  2. First Post! And Caleb’s body pops random popcorn. Fun.

  3. Nevermind.

  4. I think I just realised. Thad talks like Mordin Solus from masseffect 2/3! Brilliant!

  5. it was posted on your public brain, omg

    like I said on the Kickstarter update I love how butch Paragon is but Science Ghost’s version of the clone will always look like Madonna in my head replete with incognito scarf over the hair and outsized sunglasses

  6. Ross you can buy natural wiggle dice
    Also link to apply for RPPR minecraft server

  7. I’m thinking that at some point Jason will lose his powers with the line “worth it.”

  8. Did the entire session complete with out one person exlaiming “What is in the box?!”

  9. I know it’s been years since this has happened but I have to call bullshit on galactic intelligence power it may as well be omnipotence power except a weaker version of it.

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